Monday, July 2

Yes...I Can Keep Working!!

Wonderful! The test wasn't too bad and I am re-licensed and allowed to keep working. Believe it or not, this is a test that I have been worrying about for 2 years because I KNEW it had to be done. I always work better under pressure...that's just my deal.

And, I did reward myself with a quick trip to the 3 Star FleaMarket, but there were no great finds and they were not serving funnel cake! There was a big rain storm headed in and guess they just didn't want to take the chance. In all fairness, I didn't stick around too long. I was at one booth trying to decide which fresh peaches I wanted when I heard a guy ask, " any switchblades for sale?". Hmmm...guessing he wasn't gonna cut up fruit, I moved on. Long story short, I heard the same guy ask the same question at two other booths, so I decided I best be movin' on. Being caught up in some Flea Market hostage situation was not in my plan for Saturday afternoon.
I headed over to Anthony House, which is a wonderful local group that I try to frequent when I can 'cause the benefit to others is so great. I did find a couple of pieces there...and I will share those...maybe tomorrow. A small piece of PINK Fiesta was my favorite!
Even though this is a holiday week, we have some big plans. No, I didn't say they were going to be fun, but they are big. The Hub took the week off and we are (drumroll here) Cleaning Out The Garage! I mean, it is like another world out there and we have just got to get organized. We have promised each other to throw lots away (whatever I can't hide) and really get it fixed up. I've already found some things I have been thinking about..not actually missing, because I don't use them, but just thinking about. Anyway...I'll keep you posted!
My best wishes to you all for this upcoming 4th of July. Please be happy and safe and enjoy those that you are sharing the holiday with. Talk soon.....

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