Saturday, June 30


No Kidding....the week of review is over and the test is tomorrow morning. Wait a sec...looking at the time I see it's THIS morning! Whew...been studying most of the evening but it was worth it...I didn't even have to make dinner. It's all about take-out. I am sorta worried about the numbers part of the test 'cause I am so not a math-head. But, there are only 10 math questions and I can miss 24 questions and still pass, so even if I miss all of the math and have some knowledge of what we've been going over all week, I can still pass, as long as..WAIT A MINUTE!!! Gotta stay calm, and think positive. Yikes...I am the worst test taker ever.

And this was waiting for me at my desk when I walked in...
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 27

How Many Donut Holes Equal A Whole Donut?

I asked myself, and a few other people, this question and no one knows the answer. Ahhh...sweet mysteries of life. I bet Martha Stewart knows...or those dang girls over at Gooseberry Patch. Anyway, I put a few together school..and I think it must take 4 or 5. That depends, of course, on whether the donut holes are perfectly round or a bit wonky. Based on that, I guess I ate about 8 donuts today. In addition to lunch and afternoon snack. Good thing school only lasts a week...I won't have any school clothes that fit me by next week!

It's Wednesday, which means we are half way to the test. The instructor tries very hard to keep the class interesting so he allows any of the students to get up and give a short presentation on whatever they might be interested in. So far we've had presentations on raising pit bull dogs, interior decorating and what it takes to be a good wedding DJ.

Hey...expanding our minds and eating donuts at the same time? How great is this! ;)

Tuesday, June 26

Sleeping Beauty

School wasn't too bad today! The instructor is pretty laid back and has set up a system for different people to bring in morning snacks and afternoon snacks. We had donuts and muffins this morning and every kind of chip and dorito known to man for the afternoon treat. Who knew you could renew your work license and gain 10 lbs at the exact same time? Score!!

I just have to show this one sweet picture. We have 2 wonderful kitties...they are brothers we rescued and they make us smile every day! Whenever I am working in my office space, Jake snuggles in to his favorite cat-nap printer. Cutie pie.

Notice the gravestone casting to the of my quirks. I am nuts about cemetery stuff and have several castings, old gravestone rubbings and pictures of monument angels. I don't find them creepy...just the opposite. I think they are actually a form of wonderful art. I'll have to share some of those with you and see if anyone agrees.

Gotta go...CRISS ANGEL is getting getting ready to make an elephant appear in a parking lot out of nothing...he rocks!!

Monday, June 25

I Don't Like School

What a long day! Up at the butt crack of dawn and just now getting home to the family. I mean, really. And today is only MONDAY and I have to be there every day until FRIDAY with a test at 8AM on SATURDAY. The only benefit I can see that will come out of this (besides the renewal of my license so I can work..just a small detail) is the 3 Star FleaMarket that is just down the road. No doubt, I will be there and they better have funnel cake.

I do want to share some pretty things with you. The Hub's aunt, who we are caring for, was placed in an assisted living facility and we had to clean out her home and get it ready to sell. She never married, The Hub is her only nephew and since she lives here in F-L-A we do our best to watch out for her. Anyway, she was/is the keeper of all of the family heirlooms and what a discovery I made! The pictures below show the intricate handmade lace, hand crochet and embroidery from The Hub's grandmother's wedding underclothes! Seriously...her corset, bloomers and undershirt. They were wrapped so carefully in old, aged tissue and along with these we found her marriage license from 1917.

Aren't these wonderful? I have been drooling over them for several weeks but I knew they were not meant for me. I re-wrapped them in some new tissue paper and using copies of the marriage license and copies of the old lace, I made a tag with Grandma's name. Then I attached some vintage lavender silk ribbon and old millinery flowers to the top of the tag and oh so carefully tucked it in between the tissues. Now they are on their way to California to be taken care of by The Hub's only girl cousin. She is very, very excited...I know these pieces of family history will be loved and taken care of .

Better be off to do my HOMEWORK...or maybe I'll have a piece of cake instead.

It's Movie Time

Even though the reviews weren't that great (don't trust those guys..if they always gave good reviews they would be out of a job, so I think they just pick on movies they know everyone will see anyway. Just my opinion, of course) get your family together and see this movie. Lots of fun and a couple of belly laughs, but also a lesson hidden in between the giggles. Can't tell too much and give it away, but don't miss it.

And, on the dark side of the moon, do you love this guy or what? He is so unbelieveably full of himself and he can't even put his eyeliner on straight. But, crooked liner aside, he is a master illusionist and, when he doesn't talk too much, great to watch. His show is on A&E we have it on our DVR so we don't miss it. I heart Criss Angel...
Busy week coming up. I have some mandatory classes for my real world job and must be in school from 8AM-5:30PM every day! Yea...looking forward to this. Have a good Monday!

Sunday, June 24

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Today is our anniversary and who could ask for a better gift than this? We look at this view out of our Master Bedroom every day...we are so lucky! Hope you all have a wonderful day, too...

Saturday, June 23

And A Good Time Was Had By All

We had a fun time out and about last night and I have pictures to share! This is the HOB Company Store. Lots of very cool stuff and some neat funky folk art. Too many people to take pics, but I'll get some on my next trip. There is one artist that works in glitter and her pictures are in the $400 range. Just too neat.

Here is the fabulouso Rosemary Cornbread...with Honey Butter. They couldn't even wait for me to get a good pic before they had a slice. Almost too yummy for words.

On the way to the show, we passed Planet Hollywood. It's undergoing what looks like major renovations, so the big sign is all you could see.

Next..we headed over to the Comedy Warehouse. What A Blast! It is a total improv show and the 5 in this bunch were so so funny. At the beginning, they dial from a phone on stage and it rings near a section in the rang next to us! We then became part of the show which made it even more fun.
By the time we were done, it was dark out and we walked back across the bridge and headed for home.
Lots of good food, good company and tons of laughs later we bid our friends a good night. Can't wait to do it all again!

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, June 22


Woke up with a pain in my head this morning, but this sign that hangs in my office space makes me not worry too much!

No time to thrift today cause I have to get lots of errands out of the way. I will be doing my real world job ALL DAY tomorrow. Looking forward to a fun evening out...dinner at the House Of Blues in Downtown Disney and then headed to the Comedy Warehouse in Pleasure Island. The laughs will be great but I'm waiting for my first bite of Rosemary Cornbread. Love. It. Have a Fun Friday no matter what you do!

Thursday, June 21

What Happens In The Kitchen, Stays In The Kitchen

Hectic day here...but wanted to get this in before we called it quits for today. Let's our last episode, we were looking at everything outside...time to move in!

I have to tell you this in order to tell you the next thing. Our house is in a constant state of "we can't make up our minds what we really want to do''-ness. The Hub and I, shall we say different decorating ideas ("WTF! You want to put talking Star Trek ornaments on the Christmas tree??") so the living areas are always just about done, but not quite. My home office area is my nest, my safe place, the place where the things I really love surround me...and it's off limits to everyone else! But that's for later. So, we can move on into the kitchen where the sign below, given to me by a friend, is prominently displayed for all to see...I am proof positive that having several, many and maybe even hundreds of cookbooks cannot make you a good cook. I mean, those Gooseberry Patch chicks made a dang fortune off of me...I own every one of those books! problem, bring it on! Jello...I'm your girl! But, I do put all of my heart into whatever I make and that has to count for something, right? Too bad you can't taste all that heart because everything tastes pretty icky.....

Had a couple of friends view the new blog and their first question was "What's up with that weird banner?" Weird? Really? The name...Mockingbird "To Kill A Mockingbird".... still not getting it? Okay...for those of you that know the story, there were 2 main kids, Jem and Scout. Then there was poor ol' Boo Radley. Well, the stuff on the banner is the stuff that Boo left in the knothole in the tree for Jem to find and save in the old cigar box. Remember?? Is it still too weird?? Oh I hope not...

Wednesday, June 20

Flowers in Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere

Seems like one of the first things I need to do is let you get to know me. Let's start on the outside and work our way in. It's getting too hot for pansies now, but these were still looking great in our front yard last week!

These weedy looking things are actually a weed! But, they attract butterflies and bumble bees, the flowers are red and purple-y blue and they look so carefree. Porter's Weed...and these are planted around the oak in the center of the front yard.

Heading to the back, there is Carolina Jasmine climbing it's way up the fence..this smells heavenly and really takes no care what-so-ever. Love this.

Backyard. Garden girl from Savannah. Don't know if she is really meant to be displayed in front of a palm tree..this is Florida, people...but, she looks happy no matter where she is.

One last thing...this handsome guy greets everyone as they drive by. Sometimes we see new people walking by the front of the house and watch the double-takes when they catch a glimpse of him. Okay..The Hub has a freak flag, but he just doesn't fly it too often!

(Family Stone, anyone?)

Headed out to the real job in the real later!

Tuesday, June 19

The Time Is Now...

Looking over the hedges, peeking in the windows, sighing over your thrifting finds...I can't hold back any longer! I question myself..are my yard sale teasures just as interesting? Probably. Are the ins and outs of my daily life worth sharing? Yep...think so. Wouldn't it be great to make new friends from all over just by letting them into my world? Heck yea, it would! For some reason, I have this somewhat insane desire to share information about myself and what I do with people I don't know! Just keep repeating it ...I am a blogger, I am a blogger..Be it. Know it. Live it.

Okay...maybe that's a bit over the top (or I've seen the movie Jawbreaker one time too many, Vylette), but I'm gonna give it a try. Still learning and finding out how to post pictures...that will come soon, I guess. But, I welcome you to my little space, where all the things that The Hub doesn't understand and I know you will, shall be shared. SO glad to be here....!