Sunday, July 28

Changing Direction

Yes, it is hot today.  88 degrees, to be exact.  And...wait for's raining!!  So, what better way to get our minds off of all of this than to start thinking about Fall.  we have a ginormous Hobby Lobby in our neighborhood and it is completely decked out for Fall...and Christmas.  Seriously.

In the spirit of all things Fall, here are a few vintage postcards to get you thinking about the upcoming change in seasons.  So cute, right?  Use them as you will...just enjoy!




Have a great week!

Saturday, July 27

Summer Showers Bring Pretty Flowers

All of the after day after day...can also be a good thing.  Here's what's going on in our garden and surrounding the house when it's not raining!


Blood Lilies

Blood Lily Close-Up


Florida Holly...all year


Magnolia Close-Up



More Plumeria
Enjoy the rest of your weekend...try to stay dry!

Thursday, July 25

The Last Time I Checked....

July was a month in the S-U-M-M-E-R.  Like, with sun and stuff.....

storm cloud out the back porch door....

this guy seems to be enjoying it...or maybe his friends are just way smarter than him...

peeking out the bedroom window...just as I thought, it's raining on both sides of the house...
Hope you're enjoying some beautiful summer days!

Thursday, July 4