Saturday, July 28

She'll Be Comin 'Round The Mountain....

No Kidding! The Hub and I have a wild hair and decided to take off for the North Georgia mountains! Takes about 8 hours or so and I am packed and ready. Pillow? check. Candy? check. Iced Tea? check. Come onnnnn...hurrrrry uppppp...let's go already!!!!
Never been there, but I hope it looks like this...

Maybe we can do this

and this

and see this

and this

really want to this

and , just about the most important thing ever, gotta do this!

Oh ...look at those 'maters and mashed taters...and that fried chicken!! Heaven!! I promise to take lots of pictures and share it all with you. Well, maybe not the fried chicken, but the rest of it. Have a great back soon!

Friday, July 27

Oh Yea!! Show And Tell Friday...

First...please enjoy this Show and Tell and join in! Just stop by Kelli's and check out all of the wonderful things that are being shared all over the world! How cool is that?

Second...a VERY BIG thank you to all of those that stopped by for my angel collection Show and Tell last week. I was sick the first of the week and didn't get back to everyone, but your comments were so kind and appreciated ;) Thank you friends!

This week I want to share one of the most special things I have ever found. I feel like I was just meant to find know how that goes. I got it at an Estate Sale in Miami about 20 years ago and I still consider it one of my very special finds. The sale was at the home of a Dr., but I don't really know anything else about him.

An autograph album that dates back to 1878! The cover is embossed with gold and the owner has her name, Miss Lizzie Kopp, just inside the front cover. Isn't this style of writing/art called flourishing?

After almost 130 years...isn't that amazing...some of the ink has stated to fade, but the penmanship is is a work of art! One of Lizzie's friends did a little drawing, too...

Someone started to write a song...anyone read music?

This guy Fred is in the book more than once...hmmm...who is he, exactly?

....and look at the color of this ink ...from's only been 127 years!!!

Are these autographs of close friends or kids at school? This book is continous through 1882, so she had her friends signing the same book for at least 4 years... some from Ohio and some from Indiana...

"Farewell but never from my heart, shall thine image blot, though dreams of other days depart, though shall not be forgot" 1878

I remember the day I found this...and I have read and re-read the pages time and time again. What would this book say if it had a voice? And who are these people and what is their connection to Miss Lizzie Kopp? And, is she the Dr.'s daughter? Wife? Some of this is written within 15 years of the Civil War (my obsession) so were any of these people in the war...or did they have family in the war? The questions are endless. Lizzie, if you're out there reading blogs and you come across this, please know that I will take care of this book, honor you and your friends and keep it close to my heart.

Thanks for stopping by...enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, July 26

Rummage Sale!

What a great way to start a rummage sale! This is a pretty big event, held once a year to make $$ for the women's club. Yay!! I was ready for the push and shove that goes along with this...had my fave yard sale T-shirt on and my hair up in clip..don't want to block my vision!

Once I got inside, the amount of stuff was overwhelming and I thought I had hit the motherload! SO MUCH STUFF!!!

But as I got closer, it seemed like people had just donated their junk. You know what I mean? Broken stuff, pitchers with broken handles, picture frames with the little stand thing broken off...who wants that? And see the sign in the picture above that says "Uptown Store"? That must be code for "the other side of the room" store, cause it was just like everything else. I mean, I have imagination and a tad of creativity and I think I can find a use for just about anything...but, wow...this was awful! They just kept announcing that "there's more for us to put out tomorrow...this isn't everything!". What?? There's more junk where this came from? Can't wait for that!

I couldn't, just couldn't leave empty handed so I found 6 things I had to have! Here's a picture of all my little pieces...and just look at that sweet, chippy basket!

There are 2 bisque pieces marked Occupied Japan...the little piano and the man sitting on something. Looks like he's trying to play a toilet plunger, but that can't be right. It has to be some kind of horn.

There's a very, very cute terrier planter, but what's up with the dalmation spots? And, the teeniest little cute is that?

I took a walk down the Electronics aisle and found a CD that most definitely dates me more than I want to admit...The Mama's and Papa's Greatest Hits...Dream A Little Dream Of Me, anyone? And, a last minute trip down the Home Decor aisle brought to something I did really need, a fireplace tool set! Yea, I know...we don't use it here in Central Florida, but no reason to just shout it out to everyone. The fireplace now looks complete!

GRAND TOTAL??? Five Dollars! Five! 500 pennies! It may not have been the big haul I was counting on, but I am so happy with what I got. Great way to start a Thursday. Just great.

Till tomorrow...and don't's Show & Tell Friday!!!

Tuesday, July 24

If Ballet Were Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

The art of dance. Ballet. Tap. When I was about 6 years old, I absolutely hated my name. Asking my Mom over and over why she picked this stupid name and how do I change it? How old do I have to be? Can you just call me something else? Puh-leeeeze?? It worked out weird for me and my sister...neither of us use our given first names so we go by, and have aways gone by, our middle names. And, to make it more confusing for a little kid, my middle name was too long to write, so it was shortened to a nick name. Any idea how tough that was on the first day of school? I still find myself trying to explain why I am called a name that isn't even any of my names. I think I have more issues with this than I realized.....

Ballet and Tap. I lived for it. Dreamed of being a famous dancer named "Tina the Ballerina". I would have a beautiful, sparkly pink tutu and dance all over the world. When I was in dance class, I told my teacher of my dream....every. single. class. She would always smile and tell me I was cute, which to me meant I would soon be Tina the Ballerina for real!

I loved everything about it. The costumes. The shoes. The music. My Mom bought the Nutcracker so I could hum along and practice, practice, practice.

I went to class every Saturday just knowing that I was the best. I mean, really. Who looked better? No one. Who danced better? No one. I was always in the front row and the teacher asked me to repeat steps just to show the other girls how it was done. We were getting ready for the recital. I asked the teacher if she would put me in the program as Tina. She said she would...I was Tina!!

The Saturday before the recital, the teacher asked my Mom if she could speak to her in private for just a minute. I raced to the car with my head full of tutus, ballet shoes and crowds of people throwing roses at me...Tina the Ballerina. My Mom came out to the car and she was crying her eyes out. What...was she so happy that I was chosen to be the star dancer that tears of joy were pouring out of her?

At this point, I have lost all memory of exactly what happened next. I only remember getting home and running to my room in tears....and I remember that this was my last dance class. Seems that Ms." I should be a Rockette or something" had told my Mom that there was no place for me in the recital. She asked my Mom not to bring me back to class..any class..because my dancing was so out of whack that I was a distraction to the rest of the class. Cruel. Mean. Not Nice. All this time, I believed I was just the best thing ever and I guess I was really like this:

I was heartbroken and so very sad for about a day. It's amazing how resilient kids are. I bounced right back and decided I wanted to open a restaurant. I still hated my name and constantly asked how to change it and when could I change it, but I got over that, too!

So...all of this leads to what? Be nice to little kids. Don't squash their dreams. Let them dance. There is a Tina in all of us....don't lose her. ;)

We Must Speak For Those That Have No Voice

Elderly. Handicapped. Babies. Animals. I truly feel that it is my duty to speak for and protect those that cannot protect themselves. I try very hard to steer away from discussions that revolve around religious beliefs and politics, but to do harm to or to neglect those weaker than you is unforgiveable.

You can discuss religion with anyone and you will probably not change their mind. Same with politics...I think the way you feel about either of those has long ago been implanted into your being and your opinion of how someone else accepts or approaches them is just opinion.

This whole thing with Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons has had me in a fit since it became news. I have signed every petition that has come my way and I sent an email off to the NFL is not my opinion that training man's best friend to kill is is wrong!!
And it has taken how many days for them to say that he will not be reporting to training camp?

Here's what the Humane Society site says:

More than 263,000 individuals contacted the NFL through The HSUS' online advocacy campaign, which began last week after a federal grand jury charged Vick and three co-defendants with allegedly operating a multi-state dogfighting ring. The campaign has generated more online actions, more quickly, than any other campaign for the organization (only Hurricane Katrina responses numbered higher).
Our country allows that everyone is entitled to due process and you are innocent until proven guilty. Sometimes, it doesn't seem quite in point...alleged child rapist goes free because there was no interpreter for him in court. Yet, he spoke English when he was arrested...go figure.
There are police officers that are suspended, with pay, pending the outcome of an investigation in which they are involved. Police Officers. These are the guys that will take a bullet to protect you. Okay, okay...there are bad apples in every bunch, but let's talk about the majority, here. Seriously, can anyone compare what a police offficer does to what a football player does? Don't take away Michael Vicks money, but at the very least, keep him away from his "job" until the investigation is complete. This is a guy that is a role model for many, many young men and what message does this send? If you have money, there is no can stand by, or be a part of, something cruel, horrendous and barbaric and continue to live your life as you know it.

I have gotten in between parents yelling at kids in the grocery store and at the mall. I have called the cops when I saw a guy slug a woman and drag her down a sidewalk...all while I was sitting at a red light! I cannot sit by and keep my big yap shut...The Hub and I had some loud voices over this. He is of the "innocent until proven guilty" school and, make no mistake, SO AM I!! Just keep him on the bench until the facts are determined. But, there is a special room in Hell for people that are cruel to animals.

Enough. I guess having a couple of days under the weather has left me a tad cranky. I'll re-group and share something a bit less volatile tomorrow.

Monday, July 23

Anyone Else Need Some Soup?

The weekend flew by...or seemed to, since I was sleeping most of it! Yes...I do not feel well. Went to see the Dr. and, while I usually do not like to take any kind of medicine, I practically begged him for something (anything short of a gun or poison, really) to make me feel better. It's taken 3 days, but I may be on the way back to the land of the living.

The Hub was me soup, changed the linen on the bed and even washed, dried and folded a load of laundry. Who knew I only had to be hanging on to what seemed like the edge of life to get him to do that? But, it was very thoughtful and most helpful...lucky me ;) pictures, no new things to share...maybe tomorrow!

Thursday, July 19

Angels And Such...Show And Tell Friday

It's Friday and we all know what that means...Kelli is hosting Show & Tell! Do yourself a favor and visit all of the wonderful blogs and see some of the most interesting stuff...and sign yourself up, too.

Cemeteries. Graveyards. Headstones. All of these words seem to send shivers up the backbone of most people, but I am drawn to them in a most unexplainable way. I really am amazed at the art work that went into the older headstones and some of the "newer" monuments just take my breath away. Did you know that you can date an old headstone from the type of engraving? Some of the most unusual and incredible folk art is to be found on old gravestones.

I have many pictures of gravestones and monuments and all of that led to a primitive angel collection...they all have a special place in my home office, so I am going to show you both!

This is an iron angel made just for me by a blacksmith friend.

Here's "The Keeper of the Sheep".

The wings on this one are made from the hearts of vintage snow mats!

These are reproduction castings of gravestone angels.

These are real gravestone castings. One is an angels face and the other has a hand with the finger pointing to heaven and it says "All Is Well".

2 little primitive angels...

My favorite thing! I have no idea how big this is! I got it at an auction and when you look closely, you can see that it is folded. I'm sure the rest of the information about Col. David Payson is on there, but I don't want to take it out of the frame. I would sure like to give this a try sometime...

And this is the sweetest of all. See the feather from the angel's wing?

Thanks for stopping by... have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 18

A Fairytale For The Girls

Since I will be at my real life job tomorrow, I wanted to leave this for you all.. ;)

Fairytale For The Girls...
Once upon a time, a girl asked a guy, "Will you marry me?" The guy said, "No," and the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping,drank martinis with friends, read great books, meditated, always had a clean house, never had to cook, had a closet full of shoes and handbags, stayed skinny,
and was never farted on.

The End

There Is No Delight in Owning Anything Unshared

I am still shaking my head over the fact that I told you about Clown College...what was I thinking, I just got carried away with the whole ginormus circus, I decided to stay in the safe zone today and share some of my yard sale treasures with you! Please note that these have not been washed or cleaned up yet, but they are precious all the same. First, a group picture..there are 2 enamel tins to the right and 2 spools of pink and lavender ribbon:

I think my favorite is the bunch of little millinery flowers. Priced at 25 cents a bunch, I stole them away for just 10 cents! They are sitting in a pink Fiesta Ware bowl.

I love this little bowl with that a peony in the center?

Look at this bunny bowl! I wish I had found it in the Spring sometime before Easter.

And where was this at Valentine's Day?

How about this cutie! The flowers on the wheelbarrow are pink and aqua...

And, look at this face...needs to cleaned up a bit, but her cuteness shows through...she looks so spunky with her scarf around her neck..

Everything is sitting on this the's on both ends.

Wait...if you can stand it, I have one more thing. You may know how I feel about vintage kitchen stuff...and this. is. wonderful.

Oh yeah, all the 'mater stuff!

Hope you've enjoyed these pictures and


Estimate to repair the 2 handles that control the wipers and headlights...they have to take out the steering column to do it...$275. Ack...