Saturday, July 7

Summertime And The Living Is Easy (really?)

We are in the midst of a couple of big projects here and going through old family pictures is one of them. The Hub is scanning the most important and then sending the albums to family in CA. I came across some that just scream out "SUMMER FUN"(no video games, ipods or PSP here) so thought I'd share these with you:
Grandma, ca. 1914

Uncle Ken, ca 1917

The Cousins, ca. 1940

Croquet King, The Hub, ca. 1946

Me and My Daddy, Summer 1959

Gotta some house to clean before leaving for the big AI concert tonight...have a wonderful Saturday!!


Penless Thoughts said...

Really neat old pictures. I love seeing old pictures. Sure didn't take you long to learn how to post them :o)

Kelli said...

Oh, those are wonderful photos!! The good old days of summer!

Tonya said...

Love your old photos, I bet you treasure the one of you and your Dad.