Monday, July 16

Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's Off To Work I Go

It's Monday...ick. #1 - PT Update: Poor little thing! No service times available until Wednesday! Of course it's rainy season here and it rains every dang day about, I have to get out and get stuff done since the pinhead that got in my car left me with no lights and no wipers. @*%{#$@!

I have tons of paperwork here at home to do for my real life job today and must be in the office tomorrow. As long as I'm sitting here, and before I morph into my work mode, I thought you might like to see just where I work when I go to work!

This is the front of our office. If you gotta work, isn't this the cutest place? My sister is the brains behind this and what a great job she has done.

This is the whole bunch of us! Actually, there are a few more now, but this was our introductory photo when the office opened just a little over a year ago. Come on, wouldn't you buy a house from any of these charming women?

Even though we are in Central Florida, there is a lighthouse in this little town. I don't think it actually lights anything, but it's great for pictures!

And, there is this very cool boardwalk that goes into the conservation area around the lake and then comes out on the lake shore. It's about a mile long and at the end there are benches to sit and just enjoy looking over the water. Gotta stay on the will see raccoons and gators walking around and gators at the shore line. They say (who are "they"exactly?) "Don't bother them and they won't bother you". Uh...yeah..okay. But you won't EVER catch me swimming in any lake in Florida!! By the way, I don't know who that guy is in the picture...don't you just hate it when people know you want to take a picture and they take a seat or stand right where you are looking? Everyone wants to be a star.

I have some cool thrifting finds to share, but better get other stuff done first.

Work sucks. ;) Happy Monday!

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Kelli said...

I hope you had a good day at work, your office is really cute! I'd love to take a walk on the boardwalk but no way would I take a swim! LOL