Thursday, January 31

It's The Little Things

Wow...just been so caught up in all of the Bloggy Giveaway and putting the "Big Sale" together that the past couple of days have just slipped away. So many entries and so much neat stuff to choose from on the main site...if you haven't visited, visit. And if you haven't entered, enter. Hmphf!!

While ramblings about my continued discovery of finding things I'd forgotten I had..hence, the "Big Sale"...I did take a break with The Daughter and head out to one of our most favorite places...

We both ordered the same thing...Frisco Melt... and statred to get down to business. Business?? Yep...PWB...People Watchin' Business. There is tons of fun and lots to be learned in this business and a Steak 'n Shake is a great place to people watch. Why do 2 people sit together at the counter instead of a small booth..or table? we sat and waited for our yummy lunch we noticed a very hard working young man clearing tables and wiping everything clean. We also noticed that he had Down's Syndrome. He had a special way of clearing...dishes stacked, then flatware and then glasses. He wiped every table in a clockwise motion, in the center of the table and then did the sides, and then he took a different cloth and wiped out the seats...every time. His name tag said "Daniel".

Once our food came, we got more interested in eating and discussing whether or not to have a Brownie Sundae (I didn't need to discuss this, The Daughter me it was a given). Daniel cleared a couple of tables around us and you could see him glancing at the people in the booth beside him and try to give them a smile and maybe be a part of their world for a few seconds. We didn't see anyone acknowledge him with a head nod or a tiny smile. Nothing.

When we finally finished...and yes, there was a Brownie Sundae involved...The Daughter announces "I've got lots of 1's so I'll leave the tip". Sounds good to me. Now, she has worked in the retail industry for quite a while and several of her friends are in the food service industry ie: servers, bartenders, hostessing she knows all about splitting tips and sharing tips with the people who just clear the tables. Her idea was to leave an extra big tip for the server, since they must "tip out" the other workers. But then, what if they have a completely different system and you leave the extra money and it doesn't get to the right place? Are you following me here?

It was decided to leave the usual 20%...I feel like servers have a very difficult job...and just give the extra $$ directly to Daniel. As I went to take care of the bill, she waited for him to head over to our table and he finally headed our way:

TD: "Hi Daniel. This is for you." (hands him the extra $3)

Daniel: "For me?"

TD: " have been working so hard, doing a great job and I know you are going to clean our table , too.

Daniel:"This money is for me?"

TD: "Sure...thanks for doing such a great job. Have a great day."

Daniel: "I have some money just for me!" (Running over to the Head Server) "Look!!! Money just for me!!" "For Me!!"

Now, it took longer to post this than it did to actually do it, so for all of 20-30 seconds, this guy Daniel was a part of the world that he looks in on every day. He seemed to be in such amazement and so very excited that we are guessing it hadn't ever happened to him before.

So, that's the story. Random Act Of Kindess. Pay It Forward. Do Unto Others. Whatever...take 20-30 seconds to make a difference in someone's life. Go. Do it.

Monday, January 28

Bloggy Giveaway Carnival, Winter '08

It's time for another great Giveaway Carnival!! I am just a small part of this...there were about 500 different giveaways going on last time and you can join in on every one!

Visit Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer and see all of the incredible gifts, meet some new friends and get good stuff, too! Who can argue with that??

If you are a lover of vintage fabrics and all of those cool florals and patterns, this is the ultimate book for you! Cath Kidston's In Print ....

"An eclectic approach to home decorating explains how to use vintage fabrics and prints-from florals and chintzes to abstracts and patch work- to create a stylish home decor...."

"...presenting sixty simple do-it-yourself projects including curtains, cushion covers, and pillowcases, along with tips on how to incorporate fabrics into existing interiors, sewing techniques, and sources of materials..."

Beautiful photos full of projects and incredible fabric make this the perfect bedside or coffee table book....

Cath Kidston is one of Britain's leading and most loved designers! Cath is famous for her vintage inspired prints on everything from clothing to accessories to a variety of homewares and home furnishings. There are 12 Cath Kidston stores in the United Kingdom...visit her here....

All entries are welcome...but **PLEASE** leave a contact email so I can get in touch with you if you are the lucky winner! At the last giveaway, I had to eliminate so many
because there was no way to reach them. Just a name is not enough...!!

The winner will be chosen using that good ol' random number generator and entries will be accepted through midnight, FEBRUARY 1st. If you know of any Cath Kidston fans, share this with them too...the more the merrier!

This is an amazing book for those of you that are into this kind of thing...and of course, there will be some surprise goodies added to your Cath Kidston package! Thanks for what are you waiting for??? Go ahead...leave a comment and Good Luck!!!

Sunday, January 27

Still Getting Ready

I know...shocker! How much stuff can one person save? The problem is I like this stuff, but if I can't use it I want someone to enjoy it for me!

I'm guessing it will take just a couple more posts to share the best of it (that's a matter of opinion, I suppose) so let's get on with it. I'll spread this out over a few days so you don't just get bored to death by it all....

Cute crocheted "hot pads"...I could never put a hot pot on these sweet little dresses..

And I sure wouldn't put one on this underwear.....

Or on this cute flowerpot!!!

These are cute too, but I might be able to put a pot on them...maybe a flower pot??

Love the yellow color on this tin. Stamped on the bottom "Made In England".

Side view...

This tin looks black and white, but it's actually a pewter color and is stamped "Made In Holland". The pictures are so neat...isn't she regal?

This baby in the cradle is my favorite. I don't really know what the lady in the chair is doing...crocheting hot pads??? (see above pads...)

Pink McCoy vase...

Cutest little teapot.....

Gold edged creamer with a pink & white doily to match....

Seriously, over the past few days I have averaged about 3 hours just putting stuff in a box and then taking it back out. But all of this is now in the "to go" box and it will all begin a new journey next week... **sigh**

I'm participating in another Bloggy Giveaway Carnival and it begins Monday, January 28th. If you love vintage fabric, be sure to sign the giveaway's a good one!
Hope a good weekend was had by all....

Saturday, January 26

Kinda Cosmic...

My sister has her own space now and has joined the blogging world! I've held off formally introducing her, just because she was trying to get herself together and all of that. This information leads to something else. But first....

The garage clean out continues and the Yard Sale pile is ever growing. It's very difficult for me to let go of some of this stuff, some of it having been packed away and "saved" for just the right time. Well, after just having another birthday I have tried to re-adjust my brain. I will probably never get the chance to use it, running out of space to save it, The Daughter likes some of it but not enough to commit to, I'm gonna pass it on. All I know is, it has taken me a week to sort it and I have to keep going 'cause I don't want to chicken out and start trying to find a place for it.

The little French girl?? Come on you, I don't know what to do with her!! I've got some more pictures of other sale stuff to show you, but I'm headed out for a while, so maybe tomorrow. ;)

Now, back to my sister. If you get a minute to visit her, her post for today is about the shop that we used to own. If you are interested, we can tell you about's just part of who we are. Anyway...HERE'S THE COSMIC PART....while sorting yesterday, I came across one of the caps we used to sell at our shop and I took a picture of it so I could share it with you today!!! How cosmic is that? I didn't know she was gonna talk about the shop and she had no idea I even had this cap... was a fun time in our lives and there are some great memories...and go along with that. Visit my sister Dawn at Maebelle Park to find out a bit more about the shop and of course, we are always available to answer any questions you may have! haha

Enjoy your weekend, dear friends...!

Thursday, January 24

How Cute Is This?

I've spent the last 3 days out in my garage getting ready for a Yard Sale. Sorting, choosing, taking it out and putting it back...I just want to keep everything!!'s time to clean out because we still have a room full of boxes from the passing of The Hub's Father and I've got to get it out of my way!!

Anyway...while moving stuff around I came across this sweet little thing and I just had to stop and really look at it. Using a high beam light and a magnifying glass, I'm pretty sure that this is an original drawing. I used a French to English translator online and the title is "Business Is Business". I've also tried to figure out the artist's signature, but no luck with that. It's in a simple wooden frame, gold in color. There's some stain at the bottom..water? But, it's very slight and not near the artwork .

Look at that red hair! Isn't she precious?

Can anyone figure this out?

This is just the kind of thing I'm talking about. I love this, but choices have to be made, so in the sale box she goes. **sigh** Of course, I have 2 weeks until the sale...

no, I can't keep her...

but she only takes up a small space...

no, if I haven't hung her up yet, I don't need her...

but, I really like her...


Wednesday, January 23

Is My Crown Straight?

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Most Serene Highness Lady Cassie the Discombobulated of Wallop upon Deane
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Big poufy dress? Check.

Crown Jewels necklace? Check.

Castle? Check.

Everyone taking a bow or curtsy? Check.

Absolutely full of silliness? Check.

Go ahead...find out who you are and then you can visit my kingdom and I'll visit yours!


**PS** The results are in and The Hub got a clean report. Now, he's clean inside and out..HA!

Did You Find His Head Up There??

Poor Hub. Today's the day. He started the prep about noon. Actually, the last time I had this done, I whined about drinking that nasty stuff all afternoon. He never said a word.

This was his lunch and dinner. Yuk.

Results to follow.

Tuesday, January 22

Grandkids Rock and Peach Cobbler

In spite of the cold weather this past weekend..and for Central FL, a high of 59 is cold...we were able to have a relaxed get together with sons and families. A very simple BBQ, just burgers and dogs and the constant sound of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. There are 5 grandkids, the oldest is 10 and they have mastered this game like nobody's business! Here's the 2 boys from the back...

and from the front. Try to get past those glowing eyes. I really tried to fix it, but no luck! All of these kids have blue eyes which gives them that "Spawn of the Devil" look in every picture we take. Anyway...just notice how focused and intense they are.

And here's the whole bunch! Kinda weird to see a 9 year old singing Bon Jovi...but a good weird! They had a blast and watching them was a blast for us.

Oh...and the Peach Cobbler?? Take a minute and visit my Mom, Pie In The Sky Studio for a simple and quick recipe. She is famous for this and it's a tradition at every family get-together. Easy peasy and so, so yummy!

Saturday, January 19

Don't See This Too Often

The Hub absolutely loves living lakeside and this view is one of the reasons we chose this house. This is what we see from our Master Bedroom every morning...we are so lucky! And, on the nice, sunny, picture-postcard Florida days it is even prettier than this picture shows.

today is not one of those days! This is what we are seeing right now...and it is 12:49 PM. No kidding...almost lunch time and no sign of sun...anywhere.

It's not all Miami Vice ( I've really dated myself) or CSI Miami ...don't believe everything you see on TV!! ;)

Friday, January 18

Something Special Just For Me

It's always exciting to me to get a gift certificate as a gift. Not that presents aren't nice and appreciated. But, rather than just willy nilly buying something for someone, just because you feel as if you have an obligation, allowing them to pick out something that suits them is so much more thoughtful...I think. A lot of people still have a problem giving gift cards or gift certificates...they say that it's too impersonal. The Hub is like that. We gave gift cards to the grandkids this past Christmas and he was all in a bother. But, the kids loved it and had an absolute blast picking and choosing and trying to get as much as they could on their budget.

So...I got a gift certificate from my favorite Aunt to a small boutique across the street from my office. I was so pleased because they carry one of the things I treasure most...Brighton!! Now, I am not a big jewelry girl and I don't switch purses or shoes very often...but, I heart Brighton, big time! I had already been in looking at the stock when the owner said, "Wait until we come back from Market" which is where they go to do all of the buying. And a couple of days later I got this in the mail:

So...I've been waiting and I finally made the move. It comes in a pretty red bag with imprinted ribbon.....

And it is just as pretty as the picture! Love the red (my favorite color) and Brighton is donating $10 from each sale to the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women movement, so that's a good thing. I have the one from last year, but I just think this one is wonderful! Can you see the red dress charm?

Each square has a word and the quote is, "The biggest thing in the world, bigger than the ocean and the sky, is your heart." bracelet, cool quote, cool Brighton!

I've been tagged by Sandi for a very thought provoking list and I've got to do some thinking about that...enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, January 16

5 Really Random Things

Okay...I am very late in completing this. I would list "always late" as a random thing, but I've already discussed that. I've read many of these and enjoy getting to know you better, but I'm going to chance it and give you 5 exceptionally random things about myself that have never been mentioned before. Interesting, wacky, kind of OCD...whatever...

So, for Stacey.....

  1. I used to have an all consuming interest in the circus. I wanted to be a clown. Once that option became available, I was one of the first to apply and be accepted, but some family stuff headed me in another direction. These are pictures of the extra application that they sent, just assuming I guess, that you might screw up the first one.

2. I have made 2 national TV commercials. One for Foster Grant Sunglasses and one for Miller Beer. I lied to get into the audition for the beer one...I was only 18, but told them with an absolutely straight face that I was 21. Pretty funny story goes with this event, but since this is a list, I'll save the story for later.

3. When I go to bed at night, the opening to my pillowcase has to be on the right side. Don't ask why, I have no answer. The Hub thinks it's funny to turn my pillow the other way and see if I will catch it before I get into bed. Oh yea, that's a riot. I always check and I always catch it.

4. As sure as the sun rises every day, my toenails will always be polished.

5. I am afraid of being in the water. Oh, I can swim thanks to the lessons my Mom made me take when I was little. I will not take a bath. I will not get into a hot tub. I will not go into the ocean or a lake. I will not get into a pool. We have a pool in our backyard and I have never been in it. Really.

So, there you have it....please don't stop coming by for a visit. None of this is outwardly visible...honest!!

Monday, January 14

It Had To Happen Sooner Or Later...

Yeppa...blogging fever is making it's way through my family! My super special Mom has stepped up to the plate and has plenty to say, so if you get a spare minute visit her at

Pie In The Sky Studio. She is retired from the corporate world and has recently found herself just in love with art! She is a member of 2 local Art Leagues and does work in Mixed Media, Encaustics and Collage...her little studio is a part of her home. She has been judged and won several ribbons but she also sold one of her originals at a small show last weekend! It was a first for her and we are all so excited!

This is one of her Mixed Media paintings entitled "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not".

Anyway...I just know I can count on you all to make her feel welcome! You guys are the best ever...

Sunday, January 13

Time To Catch Up

(Deep Breath)


Let's see...Happy New Year Everybody!!!

Yea...I'm late and all of that, but there has been so much sickness in this house...even the cats are sick!! No kidding...I am still hacking and The Hub is on a new medicine that we hope will knock him out...oops, I mean knock IT out of him (ha). I can't even remember the last time I was this sick, and, no, I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that I just celebrated my "double nickel" birthday. 55. Let's all say it. 55. Frightening.

Anyway...I have gotten many personal emails just wondering where I was and if I was okay and I thank you all for that! I could never have imagined that I would be meeting people from all over that could give a crap about how I am ya to pieces...

Let me fill you all started a couple of days before Christmas. I felt so tired and out of sorts and found myself napping in the middle of the day, 2 days in a row. Had everyone over on Christmas Eve and that was it. I hit the bed that night and didn't leave the house until the afternoon of New Year's Eve. I had to show some property that afternoon (really.) and our Alaska trip buddies came by for a couple of hours...but we were too sick to be much fun, so they went home before the freakin' ball dropped!! My next venture out (except for the cat emergency) was about January 8th and I am still not over it. Whatever it is, it is some kinda wicked and I really hope you guys don't get it!!! (Janet, are you all better??)

Contrary to popular belief, my hair is quite..ahem, curly...and when I didn't feel so good, I just washed it and let it dry naturally. Of course, putting on makeup was out of the question because my eyes were watering so much, the mascara wouldn't stay anyway, so I was completely undone for a few days. Walking around in my thermal jammie pants and a big old t-shirt, I know I was a vision....I'm not sure of what. Looking for some sympathy, I said to The Hub, "Man, I haven't gotten dressed in 2 or 3 days." His reply: "You look it." Ack.

Of course, while all of this is going on, one of the kitties was sick and because of all weird hours at the vet schedule...I was at the 24 hr. vet clinic twice, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. The tech asked me if I needed to go to an emergency clinic..ha ha, just kidding...and I gave her the evil eye and that shut her up.

Then it was my birthday. And that's all I have to say about that.

Then I get a call I wasn't expecting. A very special friend of the family passed away just about 3 years ago. He had been such a big part in each of our lives in different ways. He was the brother we never had and like a son to my Mom and lived with her for quite a while. I don't want to drag it out, but he was very ill at the end of his life and decided to go back to his home and spend his last days with his family. I spoke to him on the phone not too long before he died and he told me how scared he was. It was probably the most helpless I have ever felt in my life. I have replayed that conversation in my head hundreds of times and hope that I said the right things. But, anyway...his sister called and told me she was coming to Florida and she would be bringing him with her. One of his last wishes was to have his ashes spread in the ocean at one of his favorite fishing spots, and it had taken his family until now to be able to part with him. So, I met her a few days ago and he's here. I guess I never thought his family would let him go and now it's our turn....

So, I guess between being sick, tending to the other sick ones, adjusting to my new age and having a dead guy on my foyer bookcase, I have just been in a funk. But, it seems as if the clouds have parted and I am on my way back to Blogland....yippee skippy!

I do have some blog related responsibilities to fulfill so I will get to them in the next couple of people for you to meet and I was tagged for one of those random things, so that's on my agenda.

As much as I love the whole holiday season, this year I am kinda glad it has passed. I am happy to have some order back in our house and I think I heard Jingle Bells one too many times! It's great to have the old playlist back, right???

Thanks for hanging in there with are more special than you know....