Wednesday, July 16

Wouldn't You Just Figure.....

Wouldn't you just I am, back after way, way too long and I can't get any pictuures in this post! GRRRR....

Anyway...granite and appliances in....check.
Ice maker working....check.
Cool sink in place....check.
Shower door on....check.
Getting ready for "Mike On America" from CNBC to show up here tomorrow to film me putting up hurrican shutters....check. WHAT????

Oh yeah, by the way...they're filming tomorrow...if Blogger allows, pictures to follow.... of all, my very special blog friend Steph from Sunshine 'N Ravioloi gave me the sweetest award (even though I know I have practically vanished) and I can't even post that!! Stop by and check this lady out...talented beyond measure and the wife of a special guy who is in Iraq protecting exactly what allows all of us to do whatever it is we do. Thank you, my dear special friend Steph :)

So....appliances, awards, granite, TV's all going on here and as soon as this @#$%*& Blogger allows, I'll bring you in on all of it!

Sure do miss you guys....see you soon!!

Wednesday, July 9

Guess What's Happening Today???

Give me an "A"...Give me a "P"...Give me...oh, whatever...the appliances are here this morning!!!

Don't think they will connect everything...someone said the granite counters must go in first, and that is tomorrow!! Then, the electric guy and the plumbing guy will be here on Friday....could this mean we might almost have our kitchen back by the weekend?? No backsplash yet...and there's trim work to be done...but we can almost see the end of this...YAY!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and fun 4th! We had a great day...just a little rain and lots of fireworks all around the lake. The kids had fun in the pool and stayed in until they looked all
prune-y...take a peek at this wild bunch!

Anyway...lots going on in the next couple of days...can't wait to show you...

Thursday, July 3

Enjoy the 4th!!!

May 28, 1995; National Memorial Day Concert w/Erich Kunzel and the National Symphony Orchestra, hosted by Ossie Davis.

John opened the program, on the West Lawn of the Capitol, by singing Country Roads, Back Home Again and Annie's Song. Though it was pouring rain, he says, "I still say it's a glorious night" fitting.

Please take 3 minutes to remind yourself how proud you are to be an American....and for those that are visiting from far away places, enjoy the incredible voice of John Denver....