Wednesday, July 9

Guess What's Happening Today???

Give me an "A"...Give me a "P"...Give me...oh, whatever...the appliances are here this morning!!!

Don't think they will connect everything...someone said the granite counters must go in first, and that is tomorrow!! Then, the electric guy and the plumbing guy will be here on Friday....could this mean we might almost have our kitchen back by the weekend?? No backsplash yet...and there's trim work to be done...but we can almost see the end of this...YAY!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and fun 4th! We had a great day...just a little rain and lots of fireworks all around the lake. The kids had fun in the pool and stayed in until they looked all
prune-y...take a peek at this wild bunch!

Anyway...lots going on in the next couple of days...can't wait to show you...


Janet said...

The end could be in sight! I guess it is all about perspective. Looks like our trip is on hold because of my FIL's illness. Now, I need some perspective.


Sandi McBride said...

ever noticed that nothing goes according to your plans? Couldn't you just spit!~

Tara said...

Wow-can't wait to see the finished peoduct

Susie Q said...

It will all be beautiful...I know that. I am so glad you had such a wonderful 4th. I have missed seeing you at Rabbit Run! I know you stay busy!

I am trying to catch up with everyone tonight...I have missed blogging for a few days!
Hope you are doing just fine and smiling a lot!