Monday, February 23

Right Place, Right Time


the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.

I can't help myself...I am a John Cusack fan from way back and I think Kate Beckinsale is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. This is one of my all time favorite movies and I watched it this past weekend on some channel...who knows what??

It's a very simple story, but almost too involved to explain...if you haven't seen it, but you are a believer in fate or destiny...if you think that things will turn out the way they should no matter what obstacle falls before you, please find this movie and watch it. Even the music...which is what I was lucky enough to find for this lovely. Oh, it isn't meant to change your life or anything like that, but it will make you feel good inside and give you the hope that love like this is real....

As long as we are visiting Neverland, get this ,too...

Richard Gere & Diane you really have to add anything else?? (Unfaithful, anyone?) Beware, good chemistry between two actors does not a good movie make, but it can make you feel "just from the oven" cookies or something. This is the house that was used in the movie...I did read somewhere that beach erosion has made it unlivable and it's pretty much just waiting to fall into the ocean...

Based on a story by Nicholas Sparks...who wrote "The Notebook", one of the sweetest love stories ever... so you can almost guess the ending. Just be sure you have some tissues..

Anyway...The Hub was away at an all guys weekend of stuff (whatever it is that they do) and these two chick flicks were just a part of a self indulgent weekend! **sigh**

Wednesday, February 18

So...What Is This Exactly???

Do you ever wonder what people think about when starting a business...who do they consult with or do most think they just have all of the answers? I would have to think that advertising...which is how you bring people to your business...would be pretty high on the priority list.

There is a small, kind of "seen better days" shopping plaza just a bit down the road from us and stores go in and out of there all the time. What used to be a restaurant specializing in some kind of Indian cuisine just became a Dr.'s office and the Chicago Hot Dog place is now the Munch & Crunch Cafe (what could you possibly want to crunch on during a meal?) But, anyway, something else new just moved in...look at this sign that is on the main road....

This is what I am getting at here. To be a part of this monument type sign is pretty expensive...several hundred dollars, at least...and it is usually required for anyone that has a business there . Look closer....

See it??

Is this where you get a tane? What is a tane and why would I want one? Or, is this a salon for tanes? Whatever it is, I hope they are giving or getting enough tanes to make up for the $$ in their advertising budget that they threw away with this crack up.

Saturday, February 14

** Lots Of Love **

This is just about my most favorite pic of me & The Hub...what a beautiful March day in Alaska!

Wishing of all of you and those you love a very Happy Valentine's Day!!

Tuesday, February 10


Some of you may have read about the chilly weather here in FL, something we don't get very often! We have had to cover plants like 3 times in the past couple of weeks and we never do that! I feel kind of wimpy even talking about "cold weather" when I see what's happening to the folks covered in ice...but as a purely informative post, I share with you some FL snow!

This is our back yard, through the screen on the back porch since I was too dang cold to go all the way outside. Please notice the frost covered yard.....

Here's another picture...hmmm, didn't realize they are almost the same...but you can see the "ice" on the edge of the deck, way over to the left... was 81 degrees here today...these pics were taken just 5 days ago! And, the grass that was green and was then white is now brown...dead. All of it...*sigh*

Monday, February 9

Sir Paul Rocks...

I admit it. I am a Beatle-phile. Loved 'em then, love 'em now. Have their CD's in my car and hope to see the Vegas "LOVE" show sometime before I forget why I want to see it. Seeing Sir Paul shake his head on the Grammy's last nite was like a trip back to 1964.

I was sitting on the floor in the family room of my childhood home. Beatle magazines spread out in a very orderly fashion right in front of me...and right in front of the console TV! Ed Sullivan introduced them, I screamed and cried and just knew I would love Paul forever. Can't even believe that prediction came true...

None of the music sites we all use to add "atmosphere" to our blogs have Beatle catalogs available, I, enjoy the British Invasion music. I hope it takes you back to your happy place... :)

**PS** I don't always live in the past. Dave Grohl was pretty cool, too!

Sunday, February 8

Step On A Crack, Break Your Mama's Back.....

No. Seriously. I don't know where I was or what was distracting me, but I must have stepped on a crack, somewhere, because that's exactly what happened.

My Mom's back was hurting her and we just figured it was a pulled something or other, her family doc put her on a muscle relaxant...a few days pass, with no improvement, and he just told her it would take time to feel better. Two agonizing weeks later and a trip to the emergency room (because she just couldn't stand it) the real source of the pain was found. She had a broken back. Surgery was scheduled. Came through that okay, but a toxic reaction to anesthesia sent her back to the hospital.

She is better, has limited activity and just had a follow-up with the surgeon. What did we learn?? Because of osteoporosis, she has a 500%...yes, 500%...chance of another break. She is having some pain and the xray did not show a new break, but it will probably take an MRI next week to be sure the repaired vertebrae doesn't have a hairline crack. She is being a trooper...trying to do what is needed for recovery and being a bit more diligent about her required meds. She's a very special lady, my Mom.

So...LADIES...have a glass of milk, have some yogurt, eat some cottage cheese, take a calcium won't be sorry.

Good to be back... :)