Wednesday, February 18

So...What Is This Exactly???

Do you ever wonder what people think about when starting a business...who do they consult with or do most think they just have all of the answers? I would have to think that advertising...which is how you bring people to your business...would be pretty high on the priority list.

There is a small, kind of "seen better days" shopping plaza just a bit down the road from us and stores go in and out of there all the time. What used to be a restaurant specializing in some kind of Indian cuisine just became a Dr.'s office and the Chicago Hot Dog place is now the Munch & Crunch Cafe (what could you possibly want to crunch on during a meal?) But, anyway, something else new just moved in...look at this sign that is on the main road....

This is what I am getting at here. To be a part of this monument type sign is pretty expensive...several hundred dollars, at least...and it is usually required for anyone that has a business there . Look closer....

See it??

Is this where you get a tane? What is a tane and why would I want one? Or, is this a salon for tanes? Whatever it is, I hope they are giving or getting enough tanes to make up for the $$ in their advertising budget that they threw away with this crack up.


Janet said...

Good Realtors have an eye for detail; great Realtors also have a sense of humor,:-)


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I have been searching everywhere for a "taning salon"!!!
Wow, someone surely could have noticed that sooner.
Thanks for the smile~

Sandi McBride said...

They outsourced the spelling apparently...or haven't you noticed that misspelling is everywhere? I gotta stand with you on this one, Cassie...that's just to blatant a mistake to overlook!
I'm loving my little "taking care of business" hanging properly in the bathroom!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Some guy I used to date was always talking about "demographic studies" for new businesses opening KNOWING beforehand what business name would be a hit, etc, etc.

Puddin' 'n sang that song, right?

Saltbox Farm said...

Didn't even need to take a closer was the first thing that caught my eye! Too funny huh? A tane!