Sunday, February 8

Step On A Crack, Break Your Mama's Back.....

No. Seriously. I don't know where I was or what was distracting me, but I must have stepped on a crack, somewhere, because that's exactly what happened.

My Mom's back was hurting her and we just figured it was a pulled something or other, her family doc put her on a muscle relaxant...a few days pass, with no improvement, and he just told her it would take time to feel better. Two agonizing weeks later and a trip to the emergency room (because she just couldn't stand it) the real source of the pain was found. She had a broken back. Surgery was scheduled. Came through that okay, but a toxic reaction to anesthesia sent her back to the hospital.

She is better, has limited activity and just had a follow-up with the surgeon. What did we learn?? Because of osteoporosis, she has a 500%...yes, 500%...chance of another break. She is having some pain and the xray did not show a new break, but it will probably take an MRI next week to be sure the repaired vertebrae doesn't have a hairline crack. She is being a trooper...trying to do what is needed for recovery and being a bit more diligent about her required meds. She's a very special lady, my Mom.

So...LADIES...have a glass of milk, have some yogurt, eat some cottage cheese, take a calcium won't be sorry.

Good to be back... :)


Sandy said...

Oh I hope your mom will start feeling a whole lot better real soon. You don't know how important your back is until you go through something like that. I feel for her...


Janet said...


I have missed you and was beginning to worry about you. I knew your absence couldn't be due to too much work,sad as that is. So sorry about your Mom; I am going to make some oatmeal and have a big glass of milk right now. I love milk, so it is no big sacrifice for me, lol.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh, I am so sorry for your mom's health problems. Osteoperosis is awful--it runs in our family, so I take Calcium every day.
Hope your mother continues to improve.