Friday, August 31



A couple of posts back, I mentioned plans to attend our friends' commitment ceremony. The daughter and I were there and it was lovely...very touching and very special. I took lots of pictures and was going to post them all and share them with you, but with a couple of days to think that through, I have changed my mind. My perogative. My choice. I am just overwhelmed at the number of people that have such strong opinions about this. I think that it's tough enough to find love and to be happy, so if you find it, grab it and run!

I also think that my friends are very courageous to step out and make vows to each other knowing what difficult times may be in their future. These are not youngsters...they are grown and have had an opportunity to figure out who they are and what is right for them. If you had the opportunity to READ their vows, without knowing who spoke would have been swept away by their love for each other. I just don't feel that you can help who you fall in love with. I wish them happiness and joy and love from the bottom of my heart.

The eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.
Henri Bergson

Tuesday, August 28

Remember This....

I saw this today while visiting Back Porch Musings...I just think that as many people as possible should see this, so re-posting is the best way to spread the word. Be sweet to those that are special to you...

The clock of life is wound but once,
And no one has the power
To tell just when the hands will stop,
At late or early hour.

Now is the only time you own,
So live, love, toil with a will.
Do not wait until tomorrow
For the hands might then be still.


The Brighton Round Up

Here you go Ms. Kari, All Things Brighton!!

First, one of those very practical "looks like a pin but is really an eyeglass holder" things. You just pin it on and hang your glasses in it. The glasses are for reading...note the small Brighton heart on the edge. The pin/eyeglass holder was a gift from my Mom. The pin is very nice all by itself. I actually never wear it this way...I think it makes me look like a dork.

Bracelets. After I took these pictures, I realized I had forgotten a couple. Ahhh...something to look forward to! The first one is the new "Give Peace A Chance", and next is a simple heart one that my Sister gave to me ages ago. The middle one is black crystals and hearts with a heart that says "Dream"...this is from my daughter and there are also matching earrings I forgot to show. Next, is my Las Vegas bracelet. Brighton has bracelets for bigger cities and some states...a goal! The Hubgot this for me on a Vegas trip a couple of years ago. It has a slot machine, a martini, some cards and some dice. I love it! And next is The Women's Heart Health bracelet that has the symbolic red dress and a couple of hearts...proceeds from this went for...well, Women's Heart Health.

Now, this bag is very small and has a long shoulder strap. It just has enough room for a cell phone, a drivers license, a credit card (or two), a skinny lipstick and mascara and a little cash. Hard to tell, but the inset picture shows the cherub faces in each corner...and this was a gift from my Mom.

And, the one piece I wear just about every day, my watch. Also from The Hub...isn't he sweet?

I forgot to take a picture of my sunglasses and my hair clip...and some earrings and a bracelet or two. And the Necklace...purse...key chain....but, I don't have any sandals! Love them, but just can't get with $75 for sandals. Actually, this makes it incredibly easy for anyone to buy me something and they have been buying it for me for about 10 years. When the catalog arrives, we circle all of our "wants and wishes". When I am wearing it, I just feel special.

Monday, August 27

I Was Tagged~~The Name Game

I have about 3 posts to catch up, but wanted to do this since Cathy tagged me a couple of days ago! Here are the rules for those that choose to follow them:

Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Just my middle name is the longest of my three names...I refer you back to the whole "Tina the ballerina" fiasco.....

Can't even believe how big my butt has gotten.
Always 15 minutes late. Always.
So proud of my daughter & the woman she is becoming.
Seriously love Halloween.
Alaska is my favorite place to visit.
Need to get my big butt on the treadmill. *see above letter "C"
Don't cook much.
Really like to go to the movies by myself. Heaven.
Are you kidding me? I have to tag 9 people?

Okay...I will tag....hhhmmmm...Kari, Stacey, Susie, & Tonya. Oh...wait...that's only 4. Well, Cathy actually tagged too many and she was supposed to tag now it's even. Whatever. If you wanna! Thanks Cathy!!!

Saturday, August 25

Inna Gadda Da Vida, Baby

I have finally been able to wrap my brain around the music playlist over there on the right! Combined everything into one list and added the auto play so it will begin to entertain you as soon as you arrive. Odd mix of tunes...kind of scary, really. Tried to stay in the 60's & early 70's...Lesley Gore, Iron Butterfly and The Cowsills? And every single one of these songs reminds me of some time in my life. No wonder I'm so loopy...

Will be attending a very special commitment ceremony later today. It should be beautiful.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, August 24

A Voice Of Reason...'Bout Time

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell notified Michael Vick today that he is indefinitely suspended without pay from the National Football League, effective immediately.

Tuesday, August 21

Our Mountain Trip...Yes, It Really Happened

We've been through an awful lot since we returned from our trip to the North Georgia Mountains, but things are calming down a bit, and I wanted to post a few pictures befrore I forget what we did! This whole short term memory thing really rattles me at times...I mean, I remember specific events...right down to conversations...that happened light years ago, but I forget what I did yesterday. What's up with that?

We had some plans before we left, but the rain kind of changed those. As well as what was available. The Kangaroo Conservatory wasn't open. The Drive In movies were rained out. The train wasn't running the day we headed up to Blue Ridge. The emergency trip to the Dr.'s Office took the better part of an afternoon. That's a story in was all about The Hub and he is fine. Just fine. So, we enjoyed the scenery, ate some killer Bar B Q and actually looked at some wonderful cabins that are FOR SALE!!! that's gonna happen.....

The trip itself was okay if you are a car trip kind of person. I actually enjoy that more than flying because it gives you more flexibility to see new stuff and actually stop if you want. but, I am speaking for myself here...The Hub would be perfectly fine just driving non-stop to get to wherever and never checking out anything. What??? You don't want to try Goat Milk Fudge or Pecan Logs??? How about the Best Orange Marmalade in the world??? How can you just drive by Hot Boiled Peanuts??? It is actually possible to eat your way through the entire State of Florida.

The whole point I was trying to get to was was 9 hours, door to door, to get where we were going...Ellijay, GA. We did see this wonderful tribute at one stop:

Here is the Pig Hall Of Fame...has to do with how much Q you can out away. I am not on this hill.

Downtown Ellijay is trying to make a statement...and it's getting there! Looks like several shops are thriving and it will be wonderful before you know it. Cute shop...they have wine tastings and serve fresh bakery stuff:

Saw this in one of the vintage homes very close to the downtown square:

All of the cabins we saw were great...some of the details are wonderful. I would like to have this:

Creativity is overflowing...of course, you really have to go for the lodge look...and I do. Probably a rebellion because I've always lived in Florida. Do not like the sun, the water, the humidity...I am definitely misplaced. Anyway....look at this hand painted

These wonderfully talented people even made their own stair hand rails and cute is this?? Fishing Poles!!

But...our favorite...and the one that we would choose if we had the option to choose....

Three levels, basement and fronts on these small rapids...perfect for tubing down the river!

And, look at this cute Master Suite bathroom:

Last, but not least...our neighbors. She looks so sweet and I love her twin babies......

We look out our door here in the Sun 'n Fun capital of the world (according to Jackie Gleason..who??) and see critters...raccoons, armadillos, possums and, in this hot weather we have had a gator sunning himself on our dock. Yes...people swim in the lake...other people...not me. Ick.

Monday, August 20

Funny Saturday...Hot, But Funny

Even though I had to go to my Real World Job I still got to see some cool stuff! The Annual Art Car Festival was in town and since the office is just down the block, I took a break and snapped some photos! I'm sure all of this takes a lot of work and everyone needs a hobby...but, The Hub doesn't have to worry about me jumping on this bandwagon!


Art Car Festival
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Just For Kari

Dear Kari....

Welcome To The Club



NFL quarterback Michael Vick accepted a deal Monday to plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges involving illegal dogfighting, one of his lawyers confirmed to CNN.

Friday, August 17

Once Again...Show And Tell Friday!!

Ready? Please visit Kelli and start going through the list of everyone's Show and Tell! And, please join's a great way to meet new friends!

It's been a tough couple of weeks here and we are all trying to move on...I thank all of my many new friends for the comments and emails that have meant so much!

ENOUGH!!! Lets' get this party started......

I am sharing with you my most favorite picture! I found this at an estate sale in 1988 and have hauled it around since then. Had a couple of offers to buy it, but I just can't let it go. A friend found one just around the same time I did and I have seen only one other. It was hanging in a showroom at the Atlanta Gift Mart and the owner said he got it at a sale in Minnesota! It's by an artist named Leslie Emery and from what I have been able to find out, he lived in California.

It's called "This Is My Love".

Look at this gently her hand rests on his and how strongly he holds her around the shoulder...

See her rough hands...she has worked very hard most of her life, and she holds up her pinky like any lady would. Look at his much larger than hers. To take care of her, to protect her, to help her with the chores that are getting too hard to do.

She's worried, I think. The kids have to start school and there just aren't enough shoes to go around. The shirts have buttons missing, but they can move them around and tuck in , so you won't be able to tell. The jeans were worn for play a few times, so patches are on both knees, but they will last all year, as long as no one gets too tall. At least, the garden is plentiful and the cows are happy, so there will be fresh lunches made everyday.

He knows she worries, but all of the kids are healthy and that counts for a lot. He will do without so they have whatever they need. He has laugh lines around the corners of his soft blue eyes because that's just his way...always a smile, a kind word and a hand out to help others.

Whatever the day brings, good or bad, they will stand together, her hand in his and know in their hearts "This Is My Love".

Tuesday, August 14

Random, Random, Random

Lots of things bouncing around in the empty space in my head...

Viewing for our dear friend tonight. 6PM. I wish I could stop time and then restart it in a couple of days when this is over. Many of us are quite distressed over the word "viewing"...she was a typical young girl, concerned about the way she looked and what others thought of her. I cannot imagine she wants all of those she had not seen in the past months to remember her as she will be "viewed" tonight. In fact, I know she will be watching and probably be some kinda pissed off.

I'm at my real world job today. In a nutshell, Real Estate sucks.

Changing their tune?
Vick's co-defendants to enter new plea agreements

Oh, really? It's about time you put on your big boy pants and deal with it.

6 PM. It's getting closer. I know, they say the tears we shed are because we feel sorry for ourselves knowing we won't see her anymore. We know she is happy, healthy and whole again. There must be a few that fall because we know how much she will miss.

And, one neat thing that I found on our trip. I can only assume that whoever made this must know me..hmmm...can we all say "royalties"?

Monday, August 13

How Cool Is This??

Incredibly talented and oh so sweet Stacey has tagged me with this award! Can you believe it??

This is just so neat and really helps make up for that whole "can't be in the recital" thing.
You never know whose life you will touch or what they will remember of it.
There is a quote that is special to me so that makes me want to share it with you.
There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
Choose one.

Can't Sleep...So Rock On, Baby!!

Too much going brain is full. But...look to the right and see the new music player thing that's going on over there. If you click the little icon in the upper left and then select profile, you can choose any of the 4 groups I have put together. I still haven't figured it out...didn't know until I had finished the 4th one that it all could have been on one. Might help to read the directions, eh? Anyway, you can open a new window for whatever you are doing and then just minimize this page to hear...hmmm, let's see...4 x 45 equals....wait, I'll get it...180 songs! Yep...just count 'em...180. Close your is now 1965...66..67...68...69...70...71...72...all of these songs rock and I'm just getting started! Well..not just getting started, I actually started about 4 hours ago and I'm thinkin' I might be a bit sleepy....well, maybe just a few more....

Sunday, August 12

Her Wings Are Ready

Our trip was wonderful and even though we fought off rain, heat and an emergency trip to the Dr.'s office (no kidding) we can't wait to go back! Since our return, we have been caught up in sadness, acceptance, fear and confusion and I do apologize to my many new friends for being away for so long!

A few posts ago, I shared with you a dream I had about a friend of ours, a young girl that was battling cancer. After 4 short months, her battle is over...the message arrived," Your wings are ready and it's time to go home". One last breath and she is where she needs to be...she is healthy, happy and flaunting those new wings to all who see her! There's a line in the movie "Steel Magnolias" that says something about "feeling better because I know she is up there watching out for me"'s amazing what comfort that thought can give. To any of you that have been touched by the loss of someone dear, my thoughts go out to you. And to the rest, hug those close to you and treat them with care. Pick up the phone, send an email...let them know how special they are.

Thanks to those that have sent messages and comments while I have been away! I do have some neat pictures to share and want to tell you everything! Stick with me...I can't believe I have missed 2 Show and Tell Friday' to you soon!