Tuesday, August 21

Our Mountain Trip...Yes, It Really Happened

We've been through an awful lot since we returned from our trip to the North Georgia Mountains, but things are calming down a bit, and I wanted to post a few pictures befrore I forget what we did! This whole short term memory thing really rattles me at times...I mean, I remember specific events...right down to conversations...that happened light years ago, but I forget what I did yesterday. What's up with that?

We had some plans before we left, but the rain kind of changed those. As well as what was available. The Kangaroo Conservatory wasn't open. The Drive In movies were rained out. The train wasn't running the day we headed up to Blue Ridge. The emergency trip to the Dr.'s Office took the better part of an afternoon. That's a story in itself...it was all about The Hub and he is fine. Just fine. So, we enjoyed the scenery, ate some killer Bar B Q and actually looked at some wonderful cabins that are FOR SALE!!! Yea...like that's gonna happen.....

The trip itself was okay if you are a car trip kind of person. I actually enjoy that more than flying because it gives you more flexibility to see new stuff and actually stop if you want. but, I am speaking for myself here...The Hub would be perfectly fine just driving non-stop to get to wherever and never checking out anything. What??? You don't want to try Goat Milk Fudge or Pecan Logs??? How about the Best Orange Marmalade in the world??? How can you just drive by Hot Boiled Peanuts??? It is actually possible to eat your way through the entire State of Florida.

The whole point I was trying to get to was this...it was 9 hours, door to door, to get where we were going...Ellijay, GA. We did see this wonderful tribute at one stop:

Here is the Pig Hall Of Fame...has to do with how much Q you can out away. I am not on this hill.

Downtown Ellijay is trying to make a statement...and it's getting there! Looks like several shops are thriving and it will be wonderful before you know it. Cute shop...they have wine tastings and serve fresh bakery stuff:

Saw this in one of the vintage homes very close to the downtown square:

All of the cabins we saw were great...some of the details are wonderful. I would like to have this:

Creativity is overflowing...of course, you really have to go for the lodge look...and I do. Probably a rebellion because I've always lived in Florida. Do not like the sun, the water, the humidity...I am definitely misplaced. Anyway....look at this hand painted cabinet...love.it.

These wonderfully talented people even made their own stair hand rails and bannister...how cute is this?? Fishing Poles!!

But...our favorite...and the one that we would choose if we had the option to choose....

Three levels, basement and fronts on these small rapids...perfect for tubing down the river!

And, look at this cute Master Suite bathroom:

Last, but not least...our neighbors. She looks so sweet and I love her twin babies......

We look out our door here in the Sun 'n Fun capital of the world (according to Jackie Gleason..who??) and see critters...raccoons, armadillos, possums and, in this hot weather we have had a gator sunning himself on our dock. Yes...people swim in the lake...other people...not me. Ick.


Brenda said...

Sooo sweet. My name is Brenda and just stopped by. Gla you had a fun trip.Come visit my place sometime. You never know what is up .

Kari said...

What? Another living soul who DOESN'T love Florida living? I'm SOOOO glad we moved! I figured I was probably the only person in the world who didn't like living in Florida so I'm glad to hear of another. It's not the state itself...it's the heat and the humidity and the lack of winter...those are some of the things that made me dislike living there so much. I gripe about the heat here in Texas, but it's nowhere near as sticky as Florida was. (Then again, Mississippi was even worse than Florida so maybe it's all relative.) I'm thinking of moving to Oklahoma or maybe Missouri. Why, you ask? Because I want A DECENT WINTER. I LOVE snow and cold and all that. Hey - I'll call when we get somewhere colder - you can come spend some time in the winter and cool off! lol

Susie Q said...

LOVE the houses and that fishing pole stairway! Oh those sweet deer. I love them.

Corks and Crumbs is a fabulous name!

LOVED all the pictures! Loved it all.


Cathy said...

I love the flags in the window of that beautiful old home!

Guess what--I'm tagging you for the Name Game. Just go to my blog and read the post on what to do. hehe!

Cathy :)