Tuesday, August 28

The Brighton Round Up

Here you go Ms. Kari, All Things Brighton!!

First, one of those very practical "looks like a pin but is really an eyeglass holder" things. You just pin it on and hang your glasses in it. The glasses are for reading...note the small Brighton heart on the edge. The pin/eyeglass holder was a gift from my Mom. The pin is very nice all by itself. I actually never wear it this way...I think it makes me look like a dork.

Bracelets. After I took these pictures, I realized I had forgotten a couple. Ahhh...something to look forward to! The first one is the new "Give Peace A Chance", and next is a simple heart one that my Sister gave to me ages ago. The middle one is black crystals and hearts with a heart that says "Dream"...this is from my daughter and there are also matching earrings I forgot to show. Next, is my Las Vegas bracelet. Brighton has bracelets for bigger cities and some states...a goal! The Hubgot this for me on a Vegas trip a couple of years ago. It has a slot machine, a martini, some cards and some dice. I love it! And next is The Women's Heart Health bracelet that has the symbolic red dress and a couple of hearts...proceeds from this went for...well, Women's Heart Health.

Now, this bag is very small and has a long shoulder strap. It just has enough room for a cell phone, a drivers license, a credit card (or two), a skinny lipstick and mascara and a little cash. Hard to tell, but the inset picture shows the cherub faces in each corner...and this was a gift from my Mom.

And, the one piece I wear just about every day, my watch. Also from The Hub...isn't he sweet?

I forgot to take a picture of my sunglasses and my hair clip...and some earrings and a bracelet or two. And the Necklace...purse...key chain....but, I don't have any sandals! Love them, but just can't get with $75 for sandals. Actually, this makes it incredibly easy for anyone to buy me something and they have been buying it for me for about 10 years. When the catalog arrives, we circle all of our "wants and wishes". When I am wearing it, I just feel special.


Kari said...

I LOVE all your Brighton stuff!! I just discovered their earrings (wait 'til you hear how - it will only confirm that I am the world's biggest BLIND dork! I plan on posting about it today, as a matter of fact). Anywho - I'm thinking you must hold the record for the number of Brighton bracelets owned by one person. WOW, is all I can say. And that bag! And those glasses! And I can't even address the watch. You're killing me! lol Love it all, though. Thanks for sharing!!!

Susie Q said...

Okay,,,serious envy is brewing inside of me. Wow! Love it all. But I have just 2 pieces of B and guess what? One of those is that very purse!!
I got it awhile ago and LOVE it so. I bet you get comments on it as I do. It is way different and very cool. LOVE the clasp.

WE have a new B store here so I think I will hafta check it all out!