Tuesday, August 14

Random, Random, Random

Lots of things bouncing around in the empty space in my head...

Viewing for our dear friend tonight. 6PM. I wish I could stop time and then restart it in a couple of days when this is over. Many of us are quite distressed over the word "viewing"...she was a typical young girl, concerned about the way she looked and what others thought of her. I cannot imagine she wants all of those she had not seen in the past months to remember her as she will be "viewed" tonight. In fact, I know she will be watching and probably be some kinda pissed off.

I'm at my real world job today. In a nutshell, Real Estate sucks.

Changing their tune?
Vick's co-defendants to enter new plea agreements

Oh, really? It's about time you put on your big boy pants and deal with it.

6 PM. It's getting closer. I know, they say the tears we shed are because we feel sorry for ourselves knowing we won't see her anymore. We know she is happy, healthy and whole again. There must be a few that fall because we know how much she will miss.

And, one neat thing that I found on our trip. I can only assume that whoever made this must know me..hmmm...can we all say "royalties"?

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Kari said...

I hope the viewing is....well, over quickly. I often wonder why we have them, but I do know they're important. It seems so horrible at the time, but then again, when you remember the person who is gone, it's another page of memories about them, if you know what I mean. Anyway, your thoughts and mine would definitely be the same in that I, too, believe the person is whole and happy and the tears are for us who miss them, not for those who have gone on to a much better place.

On a happier note - the comment you left on my blog cracked me up. Yeah! Rock on Baby!! LOL