Thursday, March 26

What's Going On Now??

Before I get to that, let me show you this. I found this dark brown wicker sleigh thing at the thrift store and thought it would make a sweet plant holder. I don't have any before pictures (I always forget that part) but here it is after a couple coats of KILZ...

After using some "Ballet Pink" spray paint, it now looks like this! Not quite plans include some old music sheets and stuff as the inside liner, but I am liking the way it looks so far!

And, that brings me to this sweet little oak chair. Once belonged to a woman who is 82 years old now and she says she sat it in when she was "a wee tiny thing".

And, both of those things bring me to this picture posted a few days back. This is My Mom & Her Sister...look at those dirty knees!

So...what's going on now? Some of you may know that my sister and I once owned a primitve country shop here in FL called "When Pigs Fly" and after moving on from that we joined forces once again to become "Bad Girls of the South". We haven't done much over the last couple of years, but we are working on putting things together and hope that you will join us on our journey!

We are involved in the Mount Dora Antiques and Trades Fair this weekend here in Central FL and have got our new blog full of please stop by and visit us sometime. And if you are in this area, we hope you will come out and see everyone! The weather is supposed to be beautiful on Saturday...what a great way to start your Spring!!

Visit us here: guys rock!

Friday, March 20

You Know How It Is

You see something and you just can't stop thinking about it. How it was made, how it looks, what if you just changed one little thing....I do this all the time and it makes me nuts. So, I took a bit of a mental health break yesterday and put something together, based on something else I saw...somewhere.

I got this little old medicine bottle at the thrift store for $1.25 and it has been sitting in my "space" for a month or so. I needed to give a small token to a friend and decided to do something with this, just 'cause I know she loves this stuff, too. So...I dropped in a few pearls of different shapes and sizes. Not real pearls, but some kind of aged looking ones....

I had made these bird's nests out of pearls and silver 22 gauge and one 26 gauge...and wanted to add them somehow. Now...I saw these on another beautiful blog and I cannot for the life of me remember where. If these look similar to any you have seen in your blog travels, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. Her instructions were so easy to follow! ****** Posted 3.2.09 Thanks, Cathe!!

After adding a piece of vintage sheet music and a picture of birds, I tried to place the nest...

But...I had this cool old button' that had the same color of pearls and just a couple of rhinestones, and it seemd to fit better.

Let's not stop trying...I really wanted to use that nest! A bit of vintage Christmas tinsel as a backdrop, maybe??? I really am all about the shiny stuff...

I had to admit it...the button looked better and it was the right color and the little brown feathers just blended in so sweetly. But are ya lovin' that piece of tinsel in the top?? :)

And They Just Keep Happenin'....

What??? Another giveaway by my special friend, Sandi! This giveaway is so exciting...because we don't-even-know what she's giving away!! That's's a secret...and who can resist that?? yourself a favor and get on over to Holding Patterns and visit with Sandi, leaving a comment which will then enter you in the giveaway drawing...easy peasy. :)

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 17

Sweet Giveaway...

How cute is this?? Love. It. Imagined and designed by the oh so creative Cathy over at "Tadpoles & Teacups" and she is giving it away to one lucky visitor! Don't wait...the drawing is April 1st and the list of wannabe winners is growing!

Here's what Cathy had to say: The tiny, round papier mache box has been covered in vintage-style paper and makes a perfect place for hiding a small gift. Perched atop the box is a shy blue bird made of paper clay. He is sitting in a nest of aged crepe, accented with seed pearls and vintage salmon-colored crepe.

Her works of art are so sure to get in on this and spend a little time getting to know her, too...she's a sweetie!

Got a couple of irons in the fire...who doesn't, right??...hope to share that with you guys in a couple of days. Here's a hint....

Probably not a lot of help, but so cute!!

Here are a couple of St. Patrick's Day images for you:

Enjoy your friends and families while having fun...celebrate responsibly & be safe!!!

Thursday, March 12

Pool Toys

Bunny in the yard and now it's ducks in the pool! It HAS to be Spring! These guys are winter residents of our lake and are always down on the beach. We have noticed that there is one boy and two girls that are always together. I think these mallards mate for life, don't they?? Just guessing that one of the girls lost her partner and has found a new home with this couple...sweet.

Anyway...they spent some time in and out of the pool and walking around the yard and I saw one of the girls head into the hedges by herself. Hmmm...could she be scouting for a nest?? Can't take any close up pictures since they take off as soon as they see anyone. I was in the house and took these through the back glass door. I'll let you know about the nest... :)

Sunday, March 8

Our Very Own Yard Bun

Let's see, it was just a couple of weeks ago we showed some pictures of the ice on our lawn...kind of freaky for Central Florida...and even though it's been chilly for the last few's what we are seeing now!!

These pics are taken from inside our screened porch but he seems to be pretty calm about the whole thing. That could be because the kitties are always at the edge of the screen giving him a stare down....or because the shrubs get trimmed once a week with a weed whacker and he lives right in there!

Once we discovered him, we checked to see what we could add to his diet and make him want to be our forever yard bun, but the all knowing internet said "Do Not Feed Wild Buns". Okay, okay...whatever.

He seems to be by himself. Makes you wonder how he got here. Where is his family? Does he really live somewhere else and this is just his get-away? What does he do all day??

Who knows? But, if he's happy, we're happy. So be it.

Monday, March 2

Another Small Re-Do

Seems like once you re-do one thing, you have to keep thing just leads to another. We have already been through that when we started to work on the kitchen and bath downstairs and then suddenly decided to just keep going in the family room, foyer and living room.

This house, built in the 50's had a huge makeover sometime in the late 70's and not much done since then. We have made some improvements outside as far as landscaping, decking, etc but the big changes started last June when the downstairs renovation began.

Now, all I can think of is the poor upstairs. The bathrooms have wallpaper that is shiny and textured, brass accents and lucite towel holders. Well, after everything else we have done, the upstairs will have to wait, but I am doing a small re-do (accessory wise) on the hall bathroom.

Trying to go for a "cottage-y look" since the cabinats and counters are almond formica (yikes)...just trying to blend it all. Working with shades of green since the small border tiles are a greenish color:

Here's the cabinet knobs...I don't think they even make these anymore! It's pretty worn, but did have a brass edge all around that cool almond center...

So...replacement with some cute oval shaped glass knobs...thanks, Ebay!

I am really not the lacy, frilly type so a duck cloth shower curtain works for me...yay, Target! The shower curtain rod is kind of a speckled green and I used dark bronze hooks..

For some reason I always think of bird stuff when anyone talks about that whole cottage on to the birds! This is a tea-light holder that was only $4.99 because of his bent legs. That's an easy fix...

This is a tin wall hanging...I don't get the upside down birds...but, whatever, it matches.....

And just a touch of lavender...this looks so real!

I really like this bird shelf and it is just the right green color...

And, here's some stuff to set on the bird the sprayer at the thrift store...$1...

And, finally a bird nest mirror. Who doesn't love a bird nest mirror?

I really think I need a picture for color but better get all of this up first. One thing leads to another leads to another.....