Thursday, March 12

Pool Toys

Bunny in the yard and now it's ducks in the pool! It HAS to be Spring! These guys are winter residents of our lake and are always down on the beach. We have noticed that there is one boy and two girls that are always together. I think these mallards mate for life, don't they?? Just guessing that one of the girls lost her partner and has found a new home with this couple...sweet.

Anyway...they spent some time in and out of the pool and walking around the yard and I saw one of the girls head into the hedges by herself. Hmmm...could she be scouting for a nest?? Can't take any close up pictures since they take off as soon as they see anyone. I was in the house and took these through the back glass door. I'll let you know about the nest... :)

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ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh, it's your pool? I think I'll fly down there and float around...

Guess what I have another one of???
Crazy I know! This one has a crack in the back of it's head but isn't about to fall apart. It looks fine from the front.