Sunday, March 8

Our Very Own Yard Bun

Let's see, it was just a couple of weeks ago we showed some pictures of the ice on our lawn...kind of freaky for Central Florida...and even though it's been chilly for the last few's what we are seeing now!!

These pics are taken from inside our screened porch but he seems to be pretty calm about the whole thing. That could be because the kitties are always at the edge of the screen giving him a stare down....or because the shrubs get trimmed once a week with a weed whacker and he lives right in there!

Once we discovered him, we checked to see what we could add to his diet and make him want to be our forever yard bun, but the all knowing internet said "Do Not Feed Wild Buns". Okay, okay...whatever.

He seems to be by himself. Makes you wonder how he got here. Where is his family? Does he really live somewhere else and this is just his get-away? What does he do all day??

Who knows? But, if he's happy, we're happy. So be it.

1 comment:

Susie Q said...

How sweet! Did he hop over from Rabbit Run?? : )

Hope all is well your way dearCassie!