Friday, December 18

Last Minute Ornament and Gift

If you are anything like me, you are trying to pull all the loose ends together and thinking about ideas that began in your head last Christmas!  I saw these and thought they were the perfect last minute ornament/gift:

(via Pinterest)

Yes...they are tea strainers.  But...not filled with tea, filled with cinnamon, rosemary or cloves.  Nice, right?

So sweet, so cute...and so easy!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends...

Thursday, December 17

So Many Amazing Things!

The amount of amazing things floating around out there makes my head spin! (in a good way, not an exorcist way)  Primitive style decorating is my fave but just not practical for us now.  I love the really hard core prim, but don't know if I could go quite that far...but, I was snooping around Pinterest and look what I found today:

 Simple & Sweet
"Dealer in good things"?  Be still my heart...

Now...if I only knew where to get some ceiling tin....

Wednesday, December 16

Please Share This!

I do hope everyone gets a chance to see this.

Tuesday, December 15

Healthy Is Good..Right?

There are about a gazillion Christmas candy, cookie, cake and pie recipes out there...lots of the dreaded sugar and carbs...but, so so so good!  I imagine myself wearing a Christmas apron, tossing flour and sprinkles everywhere and having tins and baskets of cookies and candy to give out to my friends and neighbors and the mail person and tellers at the bank and my hairdresser...and the whole world!!!

Whew...I just never seem to get that done.

So...instead of the "expected" sweet treat for my Staff Lunch this week...I'm going to arrive with the most "unexpected" treat:

It's cute and will be appreciated by those that try to do the right thing...I'm probably not on that list...but, I'll add some yummy dip...I think they will love it!

Monday, December 14

Somebody's Been Busy...

...but, it wasn't me!  My sister and her family and dogs and cats live in a beautiful farmhouse with a big ol' brick porch.  I've got a wee tiny porch that holds a poinsettia (kind of) so, I can't do much out there.  But, she's used my fave color, red, and created this warm welcome:

This should put you right smack dab in the middle of the Holiday Spirit...have a great week...

Thursday, December 10

Great "Little" Gift including Gift Tags!

This has got to be one of the easiest recipes I've seen for this...and I can only begin to imagine how great your house will be smelling!  Using a slow cooker is a brilliant idea...not so much worry about burning...and much easier to work with.

Great gift for someone you need to "remember" at Holiday time...if you give it a try, please let me know how it all turns out!  And...a big Thank You to Chelsea's Messy Apron for sharing this with everyone...and for including the free printable gift tags.  Perfect!

Sugared pecans, walnuts, and almonds with delicious spices all prepared in the slow cooker make the perfect and most delicious Christmas gift. This recipe includes a free gifting printable.

Wednesday, December 9

Can You Use These?

I was very excited to find these Free Holiday Postcard Printables...I adore vintage postcards!  Perfect for tags, artwork...just about anything.  Anyway...these are really pretty, including a couple I've seen before but also some new ones.

Anyway...hope you have a use for them...enjoy!

Friday, December 4

Time To Get Serious!

Yep...decorations, wrapping, decisions...lots to do in the next 21 days!

 I saw this picture on Brooklyn Limestone and wasn't sure if the black wrapping was gonna work for me...BUT...the addition of those little, teeny, battery operated lights have totally changed my mind:

**I used simple black kraft paper (purchased cheaply in giant rolls bulk) and these Martha Stewart mini battery lights to add a little something unexpected to a special package.**


Wishing you all a wonderful...and productive...weekend!

Thursday, December 3

Wednesday, December 2

Is TheTree Up Yet?

We have not put our tree up yet, since dear Hub Don is a stickler for "Christmas is in December"!  So...picking out a tree and getting it in just the right spot will happen this weekend...I hope!

We always put up 2 in the living room and one in the family room.  The family room tree is mine...tall, skinny and so full of handmade and vintage ornaments that each year I really have to work to find a spot for each one.

I love the trees when they are done...but, every once in a while I think it would be nice to do something this...

I'll share some pictures when everything is complete!

Tuesday, December 1

Red Mittens

I want red, I need red mittens! Not only does this look perfectly simple, you know it's all about the season just because of those red mittens!
Just love all of this....

(via pinterest)