Tuesday, December 15

Healthy Is Good..Right?

There are about a gazillion Christmas candy, cookie, cake and pie recipes out there...lots of the dreaded sugar and carbs...but, so so so good!  I imagine myself wearing a Christmas apron, tossing flour and sprinkles everywhere and having tins and baskets of cookies and candy to give out to my friends and neighbors and the mail person and tellers at the bank and my hairdresser...and the whole world!!!

Whew...I just never seem to get that done.

So...instead of the "expected" sweet treat for my Staff Lunch this week...I'm going to arrive with the most "unexpected" treat:

It's cute and will be appreciated by those that try to do the right thing...I'm probably not on that list...but, I'll add some yummy dip...I think they will love it!

1 comment:

thriftmaven said...

At first I thought it was a overdone icing/iced cake--but at closer inspection......its a vegetable tray----BRILLIANT!!!! I loved it!