Friday, October 31

Friday, October 17

Takes My Breath Away..

Wishing you all a wonderful Fall weekend that looks just like this! Skyline Drive in VA.
Enjoy yourself, wherever you are...

Wednesday, October 15

I Love Fresh Laundry!

Well...technically not me, but my sweet buddy Jake!  And, here he is, all wrapped up in sheets fresh out of the dryer....


Yes, we are cat people, just no two ways about it.  A bit strange, really, because growing up our family always had dogs.  Then when my sister and Dad got into showing horses, we moved out to 5 acres, built a barn and at one point had 9 dogs.  Went to school...had dogs.  Got married...had dogs.  Had a baby...had dogs.  Got cats.  Maybe it was just time to change everything!

About 10 years ago, just after 3 hurricanes criss-crossed Central FL one after the other, our 16 year old Tuxedo cat died.  Cancer...a pretty common thing for cats of old age.  Vowing to never own another pet, but struggling with a broken heart, I headed to the shelter.  Oh yeah...Daughter and I found brothers, about 6 months old, in a cage together.  We looked at lots of kitties that day, but all we could think of was "What if they get split up?  What if these brothers can't stay together?"  So a quick...and I do mean to The Hub and home we went with 2 marmalade brothers!  It was meant to be...they are quirky and fun, fight like all brothers do, but are utterly devoted to us and I cannot imagine how empty our lives would be without them.'s brother Woody:

Anyway....hope you guys are all enjoying Fall...wherever you are!  Take Care.....

Tuesday, October 14

Too Cute!

Sweet little burlap pumpkin light string...on sale now at Pottery Barn!
Love it!!


Have a great day!

Sunday, October 12

Pumpkins in Wisconsin

Going through some old clean up...and found this sweet yard display from a trip to Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin.  Love the pumpkins, love the corn, love the basket, love the it all!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 11

Where Exactly Is This?

I'm not sure where this is, but I am sure I want to be there!

Have a great Fall weekend, whatever you do!

Tuesday, October 7

Brand New Primitive Halloween Pattern!

I'm pretty sure most of you know that I have an online primitive craft pattern website, The Old Glory Company.  I just released a new Halloween pattern a few days ago and wanted to share that with you!  I am so excited with the way it turned out...hope you like it.  :)
Primitive Halloween Door Hanger


Here's the Spell Book that hangs from the corner....
and a little bottle of secret potion....
and, of course, a black feather and skeleton key....
If you are a crafter or want to try something that is pretty basic, please visit The Old Glory Company
Have a great day, dear's gonna be a pretty one...

Friday, October 3

Just Finished....

Just finished the sweet little spinner gourd necklace!  Painted and stained in Halloween colors, hanging from a black hemp cord.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends....Happy Fall!