Thursday, July 3

Enjoy the 4th!!!

May 28, 1995; National Memorial Day Concert w/Erich Kunzel and the National Symphony Orchestra, hosted by Ossie Davis.

John opened the program, on the West Lawn of the Capitol, by singing Country Roads, Back Home Again and Annie's Song. Though it was pouring rain, he says, "I still say it's a glorious night" fitting.

Please take 3 minutes to remind yourself how proud you are to be an American....and for those that are visiting from far away places, enjoy the incredible voice of John Denver....


Sandi McBride said...

Hope your 4th is's hoping for peace on the 4th 2009...war over, troops on normal routine duty, protecting and serving but much less danger...would that it could be on this 4th

celestina marie said...

Great post and yes, JD voice is incredible. We all miss his talent.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts this 4th of July. We are very blessed!
Hope you are having a great 4th of July weekend.
la rea rose