Thursday, January 31

It's The Little Things

Wow...just been so caught up in all of the Bloggy Giveaway and putting the "Big Sale" together that the past couple of days have just slipped away. So many entries and so much neat stuff to choose from on the main site...if you haven't visited, visit. And if you haven't entered, enter. Hmphf!!

While ramblings about my continued discovery of finding things I'd forgotten I had..hence, the "Big Sale"...I did take a break with The Daughter and head out to one of our most favorite places...

We both ordered the same thing...Frisco Melt... and statred to get down to business. Business?? Yep...PWB...People Watchin' Business. There is tons of fun and lots to be learned in this business and a Steak 'n Shake is a great place to people watch. Why do 2 people sit together at the counter instead of a small booth..or table? we sat and waited for our yummy lunch we noticed a very hard working young man clearing tables and wiping everything clean. We also noticed that he had Down's Syndrome. He had a special way of clearing...dishes stacked, then flatware and then glasses. He wiped every table in a clockwise motion, in the center of the table and then did the sides, and then he took a different cloth and wiped out the seats...every time. His name tag said "Daniel".

Once our food came, we got more interested in eating and discussing whether or not to have a Brownie Sundae (I didn't need to discuss this, The Daughter me it was a given). Daniel cleared a couple of tables around us and you could see him glancing at the people in the booth beside him and try to give them a smile and maybe be a part of their world for a few seconds. We didn't see anyone acknowledge him with a head nod or a tiny smile. Nothing.

When we finally finished...and yes, there was a Brownie Sundae involved...The Daughter announces "I've got lots of 1's so I'll leave the tip". Sounds good to me. Now, she has worked in the retail industry for quite a while and several of her friends are in the food service industry ie: servers, bartenders, hostessing she knows all about splitting tips and sharing tips with the people who just clear the tables. Her idea was to leave an extra big tip for the server, since they must "tip out" the other workers. But then, what if they have a completely different system and you leave the extra money and it doesn't get to the right place? Are you following me here?

It was decided to leave the usual 20%...I feel like servers have a very difficult job...and just give the extra $$ directly to Daniel. As I went to take care of the bill, she waited for him to head over to our table and he finally headed our way:

TD: "Hi Daniel. This is for you." (hands him the extra $3)

Daniel: "For me?"

TD: " have been working so hard, doing a great job and I know you are going to clean our table , too.

Daniel:"This money is for me?"

TD: "Sure...thanks for doing such a great job. Have a great day."

Daniel: "I have some money just for me!" (Running over to the Head Server) "Look!!! Money just for me!!" "For Me!!"

Now, it took longer to post this than it did to actually do it, so for all of 20-30 seconds, this guy Daniel was a part of the world that he looks in on every day. He seemed to be in such amazement and so very excited that we are guessing it hadn't ever happened to him before.

So, that's the story. Random Act Of Kindess. Pay It Forward. Do Unto Others. Whatever...take 20-30 seconds to make a difference in someone's life. Go. Do it.


Maebelle Park said...

that's my girl....

Mary Isabella said...

I am reading this through tears rolling down my face. What a beyond words special act of kindness. Thank-you so much for doing this. You and your daughter are very special people...Blessings...Mary

Chia said...

What a nice thing to do. It's amazing how many people wouldn't have shared even a smile or a kind word. If fate brings you back just a small bit of the joy you gave to him you will be a very luck lady!

carol eldridge said...

just found your comment on beachys cape cod blog so I thought I would stop by and say hello.

I am near Boston living on the ocean as well. stop by and say hello sometime!


Janet said...

Isn't it amazing that it takes so little time to impact a person for a long time. Thanks or doing that; I will definitely pay it forward.


Janet said...

Hey, me again. Go to and read about Cindy's random act of kindness. Bloggers sure are special people!!


Janet said...


Sandi McBride said...

Cassie, you know sometimes you about make me cry. We have this restaurant we eat often and their daughter has Downs...Diane is a hard worker (like Danial) and does the "scut" work, clearing tables and wiping them down and Mac always presses a five dollar bill in her hand and tells her "this is for your movie night". God I love that man! And that's a pretty terrific girl you've got there..she must get it from her Mama

Susie Q said...

Your daughter takes after her blessing of a mama that is for sure!
It can take so little can't it? A smile, a small tip, a kind word.
I teared up reading this because we have a young man, Joe, at our grocery. He has Down's Syndrome as well. He is the best bagger and ta real sweetheart. We always give Joe 5 dollars when we go through hi line. Most bagger do not get anything from people but that Joe, he always does. It is because he works so darned hard and does so well and folks like us appreciate him.

I will remember this and do what I can this weekend...I will have a Cassie thought. : )

We have done some bill hit and run and that is always fun. You know, where you choose a family or person or couple in a restaurant and pay their bill with yours. They never know who did it and that makes it all the more fun!

Thank you for being...well, for being YOU!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your story of kindess. I hope it does inspired it forward. Just found your site and really like it. Thanks for sharing.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

As one who worked as a waitress throughout highschool and college, I've always said that everyone should work tables at least once in their lives--they'd appreciate how difficult it can be!

Thanks for sharing this story~

Andi said...

Oh Cassie...this is such a wonderful really touched my heart. Makes me want to get in my to that Steak n Shake and do something nice for Daniel myself.

I'll find a way to Pay It Forward!