Sunday, July 15

Temporary Case # T07004902

This is so not what I wanted to share with you today, but I am just so bothered by this event and feel so violated!
I have always loved the PT Cruiser. Wanted one from the first time I saw one. Black. Woody trim. So vintage looking and so. very. cute. Got one 5 years ago, still driving it without any major problems, still loving it. It's much roomier than it appears. The seats fold down and I can carry tons of stuff. But, I digress....

The Hub went out for the paper about 7AM and comes in to tell me that my front left running light is on. What? How can that be? I haven't even been in the car since 3:30 yesterday. Of course, it was raining when I got home from the movie (saw "Evening"..that's another post entirely), so maybe I didn't turn the headlights off all the way., no make-up, hair in a twist, out in the pink nightie I go, hoping that cute in-line skater boy/man isn't in-line skating this early. I mean, NO make-up and hair in TWIST...don't want to knock him off of his skates.

I opened the UNLOCKED car door and my heart drops. The knob that turns on the headlights is on the floor! It has been completely twisted off of the handle. Holy Crapola!

Then...I sit down and see that the wiper handle is the same way!!

Then...I see my CD case on the front seat...OPEN...and napkins from the glove box on the floor! Everyone, you must understand one thing. No matter how un-organized I seem, my car is always clean. ALWAYS! My CD case has a certain spot and I would NEVER leave napkins on the floor! I gasped when I saw that CD case open. Music is one of my lifelines...every day a different type is my favorite. It depends on my mood. I have blown out the speakers in this cute little car already and I ususally don't hear the cell phone ring when I am driving...the music is too loud. I was only praying that these vandals weren't after my Rick Springfield Greatest Hits would I drive to my real world job today if it was gone?

A quick check let me know that all in CD world was well. I don't have anything of value to steal in there(other than Rick's CD), so I guess the broken handles were the equivalent of flipping me off when they found nothing to sell or trade.

Quick run inside to share the news with The Hub and that led to another check over of everything and our other cars..Hub's and The Daughter's.. seem to be fine. You know, I can't remember the last time I didn't lock my car doors, but it was pouring down rain when I got home yesterday and I guess in my hurry to get out of the car, get my bags from the front seat and get to the porch so my hair didn't get too frizzie, I just forgot.

Call to the non-emergency line, and I am told how to make a report on their website and they will file it electronically. You mean, no one is coming out to take fingerprints or DNA? This is my cruiser, my get away buddy, I don't let anyone else drive it and I always park away from other cars so it doesn't get scratched or dinged. No haz-mat suits or masks or CSI guys? Dang! Where are the priorities...

Report is filed. Temporary case number given. Nothing to do now, but go out and wipe it down and get ready for real life work. But, on the bright side, the crape myrtle tree is in bloom. Love that pink!

Wishing you all a crime free Sunday...and lock your doors!


Tonya said...

Oh that stinks, I would have been ticked, why do some people have to be so mean. I can't believe they wouldn't send out But I think the police should have dusted for prints, it is probably someone in there system who has been in trouble before. Good thing all your tunes are okay.

Stacey said...

Shamefully there is always someone mean spirited isn't there? It happened to me once.. only once. I have this neat little voodoo doll I got in a gift shop at Lake George. I hope that stinker still feels the pain... gonna give a few more to your stinker too! I love your blog. I wanted to let you know that the neocounter came from you! I will add your blog to my goode friends list as soon as I get back on to do some work on it.

jennifer said...

I am so sorry that this happened. Locking isn't surefire, but it does keep most out. My husband was a cop for 14 years so I lock everything. Small towns are like the cities.

Must also to remember to lock house doors when in house, as home invasion are very successful, built in victim and everyone does what the suspect asks.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a safe week.

Gina E. said...

I cringed when I read this - brings back nasty memories of (a) my car being broken into, and (b) husband's car being stolen. Both events 20 to 30 years ago, but still leaves a bad taste in your mouth. We now have a double lockup garage under our house and don't worry so much about our vehicles at night any more. Daytime is another matter...

SweetAnnee said...

Oh you poor dear, I too LOVE the PT Cruiser, I bought one the first year they came out and had to wait for MONTHS to get mine. .
I had a car broken into once to get a silly lil
200.00 radio
and they did 1400.00 worth of damage
using some weapon (crowbar??) to break in
UGH kids!! makes me sick. I am so sorry this happened to your lil baby girl car..