Thursday, July 26

Rummage Sale!

What a great way to start a rummage sale! This is a pretty big event, held once a year to make $$ for the women's club. Yay!! I was ready for the push and shove that goes along with this...had my fave yard sale T-shirt on and my hair up in clip..don't want to block my vision!

Once I got inside, the amount of stuff was overwhelming and I thought I had hit the motherload! SO MUCH STUFF!!!

But as I got closer, it seemed like people had just donated their junk. You know what I mean? Broken stuff, pitchers with broken handles, picture frames with the little stand thing broken off...who wants that? And see the sign in the picture above that says "Uptown Store"? That must be code for "the other side of the room" store, cause it was just like everything else. I mean, I have imagination and a tad of creativity and I think I can find a use for just about anything...but, wow...this was awful! They just kept announcing that "there's more for us to put out tomorrow...this isn't everything!". What?? There's more junk where this came from? Can't wait for that!

I couldn't, just couldn't leave empty handed so I found 6 things I had to have! Here's a picture of all my little pieces...and just look at that sweet, chippy basket!

There are 2 bisque pieces marked Occupied Japan...the little piano and the man sitting on something. Looks like he's trying to play a toilet plunger, but that can't be right. It has to be some kind of horn.

There's a very, very cute terrier planter, but what's up with the dalmation spots? And, the teeniest little cute is that?

I took a walk down the Electronics aisle and found a CD that most definitely dates me more than I want to admit...The Mama's and Papa's Greatest Hits...Dream A Little Dream Of Me, anyone? And, a last minute trip down the Home Decor aisle brought to something I did really need, a fireplace tool set! Yea, I know...we don't use it here in Central Florida, but no reason to just shout it out to everyone. The fireplace now looks complete!

GRAND TOTAL??? Five Dollars! Five! 500 pennies! It may not have been the big haul I was counting on, but I am so happy with what I got. Great way to start a Thursday. Just great.

Till tomorrow...and don't's Show & Tell Friday!!!


Kelli said...

I'm glad you were able to find some great treasures among the junk...the fire place tools are wonderful!

Thank you for sharing your favorite summertime memories with me at my blog!


Lallee said...

What great finds. I adore the little terrier planter!