Wednesday, July 18

There Is No Delight in Owning Anything Unshared

I am still shaking my head over the fact that I told you about Clown College...what was I thinking, I just got carried away with the whole ginormus circus, I decided to stay in the safe zone today and share some of my yard sale treasures with you! Please note that these have not been washed or cleaned up yet, but they are precious all the same. First, a group picture..there are 2 enamel tins to the right and 2 spools of pink and lavender ribbon:

I think my favorite is the bunch of little millinery flowers. Priced at 25 cents a bunch, I stole them away for just 10 cents! They are sitting in a pink Fiesta Ware bowl.

I love this little bowl with that a peony in the center?

Look at this bunny bowl! I wish I had found it in the Spring sometime before Easter.

And where was this at Valentine's Day?

How about this cutie! The flowers on the wheelbarrow are pink and aqua...

And, look at this face...needs to cleaned up a bit, but her cuteness shows through...she looks so spunky with her scarf around her neck..

Everything is sitting on this the's on both ends.

Wait...if you can stand it, I have one more thing. You may know how I feel about vintage kitchen stuff...and this. is. wonderful.

Oh yeah, all the 'mater stuff!

Hope you've enjoyed these pictures and


Estimate to repair the 2 handles that control the wipers and headlights...they have to take out the steering column to do it...$275. Ack...

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Tonya said...

OHHH, I like your yard sale treasures. The little gal with the wheel barrel is too cute, and my sister would love to have the rabbit bowl.