Thursday, July 12

Count Your Blessings...

A short but hopefully meaningful note this morning.

A vibrant, young 19 year old girl that is part of our circle of friends has a rare form of neuro-endocrine cancer. We've known about it for some time and she has had the radiation and is now in the middle of her chemo phase and is struggling every day. This bold disease has invaded every nook and cranny of her being and she fights for the strength to walk. I had her in my dreams last night and it seemed so so so real! She was up and walking into the room as if she had never been sick...her hair had grown in and she looked so. very. happy. These beauties are blooming in the flower box just outside our bedroom and they remind me of her before...and what we hope she will be again.

If you have a spare minute, while visiting your friends here in blogland, please check out the Lyrics For Life link under My Inspiration just to your right. This is a wonderful organization that is put together by some Florida musicians...some of you may know them, the Top 40 band Sister Hazel...and it will inspire you to keep all children affected by cancer in your prayers.

Bless you all...

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