Tuesday, July 24

We Must Speak For Those That Have No Voice

Elderly. Handicapped. Babies. Animals. I truly feel that it is my duty to speak for and protect those that cannot protect themselves. I try very hard to steer away from discussions that revolve around religious beliefs and politics, but to do harm to or to neglect those weaker than you is unforgiveable.

You can discuss religion with anyone and you will probably not change their mind. Same with politics...I think the way you feel about either of those has long ago been implanted into your being and your opinion of how someone else accepts or approaches them is just that...an opinion.

This whole thing with Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons has had me in a fit since it became news. I have signed every petition that has come my way and I sent an email off to the NFL commissioner...it is not my opinion that training man's best friend to kill is wrong...it is wrong!!
And it has taken how many days for them to say that he will not be reporting to training camp?

Here's what the Humane Society site says:

More than 263,000 individuals contacted the NFL through The HSUS' online advocacy campaign, which began last week after a federal grand jury charged Vick and three co-defendants with allegedly operating a multi-state dogfighting ring. The campaign has generated more online actions, more quickly, than any other campaign for the organization (only Hurricane Katrina responses numbered higher).
Our country allows that everyone is entitled to due process and you are innocent until proven guilty. Sometimes, it doesn't seem quite right..case in point...alleged child rapist goes free because there was no interpreter for him in court. Yet, he spoke English when he was arrested...go figure.
There are police officers that are suspended, with pay, pending the outcome of an investigation in which they are involved. Police Officers. These are the guys that will take a bullet to protect you. Okay, okay...there are bad apples in every bunch, but let's talk about the majority, here. Seriously, can anyone compare what a police offficer does to what a football player does? Don't take away Michael Vicks money, but at the very least, keep him away from his "job" until the investigation is complete. This is a guy that is a role model for many, many young men and what message does this send? If you have money, there is no consequence...you can stand by, or be a part of, something cruel, horrendous and barbaric and continue to live your life as you know it.

I have gotten in between parents yelling at kids in the grocery store and at the mall. I have called the cops when I saw a guy slug a woman and drag her down a sidewalk...all while I was sitting at a red light! I cannot sit by and keep my big yap shut...The Hub and I had some loud voices over this. He is of the "innocent until proven guilty" school and, make no mistake, SO AM I!! Just keep him on the bench until the facts are determined. But, there is a special room in Hell for people that are cruel to animals.

Enough. I guess having a couple of days under the weather has left me a tad cranky. I'll re-group and share something a bit less volatile tomorrow.


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I couldn't agree with you more! it is a travesty if we do not hold these folks accountable for these CRIMES!

Susie Q said...

Oh yes!!!

I have my own stories to tell about protecting animals and kids...and I too have a problem with keeping my mouth shut! The older I get, the worse (or better I think!) I am about it!

Bless you and those like you who care so much. If only more were like this.

Vick is a demon...evil through and through. I believe that.

You are a blessing!