Wednesday, July 11

The American Idol Concert: Way Fun Seeing The Crowd: Way Funner

Yep, Yep, Yep...the concert was interesting and it is pretty weird to see all of those people that you had in your TV room for 3 months. Seems like Blake is the overall fave but people really love Lakisha. She's got new teeth and it changed her whole face...she looked amazing! And, they all sound better than they did during the competition. Guess all the pressure's off now and they are singing for fun.
Our seats were very good and the huge TV screens made it easy to see everything. Turned out great for the four of us...there were empty seats in front and behind. of the coolest things was the Outback Take Out Counter. Maybe I just don't get out enough, but they were serving Outback food in little paper baskets and it tasted just like the restaurant! Of course, we had to have that big ol' onion...
and then

What? Like onions and cotton candy don't go together?

There were people in AI shirts and they were carrying AI posters and wearing AI hats but we lived through it all and realized they saved the best for last! As we were walking out they were giving away...FREE POP-TARTS!! Thank goodness...that explained the giant walking Pop-Tart with the seeing-eye man. Otherwise, it would have been just downright amazing to see something like that.
All in all, a good time for a bunch of girls with a free Saturday night.

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Kari said...

Yeah, I'd love to have gone to that! But don't tell my children...they think it's the most shameful thing in the world that their dad and I watch AI and act like the world's biggest music critics while we do it!