Wednesday, June 27

How Many Donut Holes Equal A Whole Donut?

I asked myself, and a few other people, this question and no one knows the answer. Ahhh...sweet mysteries of life. I bet Martha Stewart knows...or those dang girls over at Gooseberry Patch. Anyway, I put a few together school..and I think it must take 4 or 5. That depends, of course, on whether the donut holes are perfectly round or a bit wonky. Based on that, I guess I ate about 8 donuts today. In addition to lunch and afternoon snack. Good thing school only lasts a week...I won't have any school clothes that fit me by next week!

It's Wednesday, which means we are half way to the test. The instructor tries very hard to keep the class interesting so he allows any of the students to get up and give a short presentation on whatever they might be interested in. So far we've had presentations on raising pit bull dogs, interior decorating and what it takes to be a good wedding DJ.

Hey...expanding our minds and eating donuts at the same time? How great is this! ;)

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