Saturday, June 30


No Kidding....the week of review is over and the test is tomorrow morning. Wait a sec...looking at the time I see it's THIS morning! Whew...been studying most of the evening but it was worth it...I didn't even have to make dinner. It's all about take-out. I am sorta worried about the numbers part of the test 'cause I am so not a math-head. But, there are only 10 math questions and I can miss 24 questions and still pass, so even if I miss all of the math and have some knowledge of what we've been going over all week, I can still pass, as long as..WAIT A MINUTE!!! Gotta stay calm, and think positive. Yikes...I am the worst test taker ever.

And this was waiting for me at my desk when I walked in...
Wish me luck!

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