Monday, June 25

I Don't Like School

What a long day! Up at the butt crack of dawn and just now getting home to the family. I mean, really. And today is only MONDAY and I have to be there every day until FRIDAY with a test at 8AM on SATURDAY. The only benefit I can see that will come out of this (besides the renewal of my license so I can work..just a small detail) is the 3 Star FleaMarket that is just down the road. No doubt, I will be there and they better have funnel cake.

I do want to share some pretty things with you. The Hub's aunt, who we are caring for, was placed in an assisted living facility and we had to clean out her home and get it ready to sell. She never married, The Hub is her only nephew and since she lives here in F-L-A we do our best to watch out for her. Anyway, she was/is the keeper of all of the family heirlooms and what a discovery I made! The pictures below show the intricate handmade lace, hand crochet and embroidery from The Hub's grandmother's wedding underclothes! Seriously...her corset, bloomers and undershirt. They were wrapped so carefully in old, aged tissue and along with these we found her marriage license from 1917.

Aren't these wonderful? I have been drooling over them for several weeks but I knew they were not meant for me. I re-wrapped them in some new tissue paper and using copies of the marriage license and copies of the old lace, I made a tag with Grandma's name. Then I attached some vintage lavender silk ribbon and old millinery flowers to the top of the tag and oh so carefully tucked it in between the tissues. Now they are on their way to California to be taken care of by The Hub's only girl cousin. She is very, very excited...I know these pieces of family history will be loved and taken care of .

Better be off to do my HOMEWORK...or maybe I'll have a piece of cake instead.


Tonya said...

Great blog Cassie, and how luck you are to find these undies. Bookmarking your blog so I can visit often. Have a great summer!

Cassie said...

Thanks Tonya! I am going to add you to my list, too. Hoping to start adding some of my vintage treasures for all to see..but not until school is OVER! haha