Wednesday, June 20

Flowers in Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere

Seems like one of the first things I need to do is let you get to know me. Let's start on the outside and work our way in. It's getting too hot for pansies now, but these were still looking great in our front yard last week!

These weedy looking things are actually a weed! But, they attract butterflies and bumble bees, the flowers are red and purple-y blue and they look so carefree. Porter's Weed...and these are planted around the oak in the center of the front yard.

Heading to the back, there is Carolina Jasmine climbing it's way up the fence..this smells heavenly and really takes no care what-so-ever. Love this.

Backyard. Garden girl from Savannah. Don't know if she is really meant to be displayed in front of a palm tree..this is Florida, people...but, she looks happy no matter where she is.

One last thing...this handsome guy greets everyone as they drive by. Sometimes we see new people walking by the front of the house and watch the double-takes when they catch a glimpse of him. Okay..The Hub has a freak flag, but he just doesn't fly it too often!

(Family Stone, anyone?)

Headed out to the real job in the real later!

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