Tuesday, June 19

The Time Is Now...

Looking over the hedges, peeking in the windows, sighing over your thrifting finds...I can't hold back any longer! I question myself..are my yard sale teasures just as interesting? Probably. Are the ins and outs of my daily life worth sharing? Yep...think so. Wouldn't it be great to make new friends from all over just by letting them into my world? Heck yea, it would! For some reason, I have this somewhat insane desire to share information about myself and what I do with people I don't know! Just keep repeating it ...I am a blogger, I am a blogger..Be it. Know it. Live it.

Okay...maybe that's a bit over the top (or I've seen the movie Jawbreaker one time too many, Vylette), but I'm gonna give it a try. Still learning and finding out how to post pictures...that will come soon, I guess. But, I welcome you to my little space, where all the things that The Hub doesn't understand and I know you will, shall be shared. SO glad to be here....!

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Penless Thoughts said...

Came by to read your very first post and I love it!!! Thanks for voting for me :o)