Tuesday, June 26

Sleeping Beauty

School wasn't too bad today! The instructor is pretty laid back and has set up a system for different people to bring in morning snacks and afternoon snacks. We had donuts and muffins this morning and every kind of chip and dorito known to man for the afternoon treat. Who knew you could renew your work license and gain 10 lbs at the exact same time? Score!!

I just have to show this one sweet picture. We have 2 wonderful kitties...they are brothers we rescued and they make us smile every day! Whenever I am working in my office space, Jake snuggles in to his favorite cat-nap spot...my printer. Cutie pie.

Notice the gravestone casting to the right...one of my quirks. I am nuts about cemetery stuff and have several castings, old gravestone rubbings and pictures of monument angels. I don't find them creepy...just the opposite. I think they are actually a form of wonderful art. I'll have to share some of those with you and see if anyone agrees.

Gotta go...CRISS ANGEL is getting getting ready to make an elephant appear in a parking lot out of nothing...he rocks!!

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