Monday, June 25

It's Movie Time

Even though the reviews weren't that great (don't trust those guys..if they always gave good reviews they would be out of a job, so I think they just pick on movies they know everyone will see anyway. Just my opinion, of course) get your family together and see this movie. Lots of fun and a couple of belly laughs, but also a lesson hidden in between the giggles. Can't tell too much and give it away, but don't miss it.

And, on the dark side of the moon, do you love this guy or what? He is so unbelieveably full of himself and he can't even put his eyeliner on straight. But, crooked liner aside, he is a master illusionist and, when he doesn't talk too much, great to watch. His show is on A&E we have it on our DVR so we don't miss it. I heart Criss Angel...
Busy week coming up. I have some mandatory classes for my real world job and must be in school from 8AM-5:30PM every day! Yea...looking forward to this. Have a good Monday!

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SweetAnnee said...

Chris Angel. amazing!!
Ya gotta love the guy