Monday, March 17

Thank You and Thank You and Thank You

What a week this has been. Was it just a week ago today that Mom was in an ambulance? Sheesh...

Anyway...this will be a post of few words, but I must thank everyone for the good wishes and prayers 'cause it all seems to be working! Mom is home and on very limited activity. Just sitting around, watching some TV, doing some computer stuff...very quiet. No laundry, house cleaning, driving and even no art work...yet. We've gotten all of her new medication situated and she seems to be doing very well with that.'s a picture of her that I keep in my office, she was just 16...we love you, Mom.

And, I must send thanks to two very special ladies, Steph and Stacey, for giving me this wonderful award!!

These are both very talented ladies that I first became familar with when I saw their primitive folk art. Steph can paint like nobody's business and Stacey is an extraordinary doll maker (as well as a sister in the Rick Club!). I am still amazed at the many friends I have made and the things I have learned in the past months...and if I can bring a smile to anyone by sharing some of myself here, then that is very special. Thank You both!

I will be getting around to visit everyone in the next few days. ;) And, for those of you that are waiting for the Little French Girl, I should be picking her up today and she will be ready for travel! Details to you as soon as I am sure she is ready...

Thanks again for making Mom...and me...feel so very, very special.

Happy St. Paddy's Day !!!


kent said...


So glad she is doing better and sure, Ireland would be great spot for the blogger gals getaway. We might never come back, but what the heck! Enjoy St.Patricks Day and give your Mom my love!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Whew. Glad you have her home. Prayers for both of you!

Lisa B. said...

I'm so glad you Mom is doing better! Love the picture. Congrats on your award. I feel like I should apologize...ah, I'm tagging you for a 6 word memoir. Hope you don’t mind tags and have the time to do it. “Rules” are over on my site. I also want to thank you for leaving me a comment on Sam….she didn’t make it home with me that day. My heart has been broken. Your words help to mend.

Janet said...


That first one was from me, but I had been in my son's gmail account to print something for him and forgot to sign out.


Mary Isabella said...

Glad she is home and is doing better. Happy St. Patrick's Day