Monday, March 3

The Little French Girl Is Ready To Travel

Here she is, little Miss "Business Is Business" herself...and here's the deal...

Dustin, the art & graphics guy will scan this original and take out all of the boo-boo's, like the water marks along the very bottom and the little rust marks you see at the top....

Then he will re-size it to an 8x10. Next comes the printing...instead of giclee`, he will print it on a very heavy art stock paper that is similar to what this original is on. Cheaper and very very nice.

He will keep the colors true, even the ivory background will look the same. The biggest cost is the scanning, but he will then keep it on file in case there's ever a request for an extra print, like for a gift, maybe.

So, total per print including scanning, printing and mailing is $14 each. I'm just guessing at the number of prints I might need and dividing up the scanning and printing costs. I got the Priority Mail tubes from the Post Office, and while they are a bit bigger than the print will be, they're free and that's a good thing!

So...that's the skinny. If you want this sweet little girl to travel to your house, please let me know by Thursday! I will be seeing Dustin then and he can start working right away. And..feel free to post this information or use one of the above pictures if you think that any of your readers might want her, too!

Thanks to everyone...have a great week!


Susie Q said...

Me!!! Me!!! I want her SO much!!

O can send a the address on the box you sent?? Or do you want it another way?? OH! And the box is here...was delivered to a neighbor's
and they brought her to me tonight. I need to finish this so I can go UNBox the box!! You are the BESTest Miss Cassie.

And I loved your facts. I just really enjoy learning more about my blog friends.


Sandi McBride said...

The check will soon be in the mail, I want one, too! How great, we can call this our "Blogging Buddy Print" qui? Ooolala, must be picking up francais from les chats...