Tuesday, March 4

And...More Spring

Spring is bustin' out everywhere here! Since I started showing you some of the pretties outside, I wanted to share what's going on inside! This is what I set up on our living room coffee table. Our furniture is dark so it's sort of difficult to get the whole cottage spring thing going...

I am just in love with this plant...a new purchase from Home Goods. They are relatively new to the Orlando area and they are like the Barnes & Noble of home stuff. Doesn't this look real???

This precious nest is from JoAnn's and was a steal at just $4.99...including the eggs!! I am having a problem with my kitties though...don't know if it's the little feathers or just that grassy stuff, but they are so attracted to this. They keep eating the grassy stuff and I bet I've cleaned up kitty throw-up about 10 times since I put it out on Sunday afternoon. Ack.

This bird actually belongs to Bailey and she was sweet enough to let me use it for this fantabulous spring display. It looks like iron but it's a heavy resin. He's standing on a stack of old books that I've thrifted from here, there and everywhere. I'm really liking the orange cover on that top book.

And, the mandatory Cottage Book with pictures of cottages I'd love to see and/or live in! Another thrifted find...50 cents. Some days the finds are just better than others.

So far, so good. Now I did see some very cool stuff at Target, but that's a dangerous place. All common sense and budgets disappear when I walk through those electric doors. Target is like shopping crack...just when you think you've gotten everything you need, you have to go back for one. more. thing. But, that's a whole different post...

Happy Spring!


janet said...


Welcome to the addictive world of Home Goods. We have a small one here that just makes you want to escape to the large one 15 miles away and each of them is in a plaza with Target. Oh dear!! Love Bailey's bird; reminds me of a pesky mockingbird...how apropos! My fingers are crossed for Bailey. Take care,


Tara said...

Great pics...I love Home Goods, too...a little far from me but worth the trip!
Love your goodies!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Yes, Target is a bad, bad place to go to. I spent $85.99 there the other day. And can't for the life of me remember what I bought. I'm sure it was very important stuff that I just couldn't do without, though. (Not.)
Love your spring display!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Wonderful Spring Display!!! I am also loving orange right now and have seen orange and red together....looking fabulous.....and since I can't get rid of my red.....I might adding some orange and see what happens. :-) Rosie

Pat said...

Such a pretty display!

My cat likes to chew on that fake nest material too -- it must be the texture?

It's hard not to want everything in a Home Goods store! I'm glad in a way that the closest one to me is a long drive away, or I'd be in it every day!
Have a good weekend!

Susie Q said...

A beautiful arrangement Cassie!!
I have never been in a Home Goods and so want to from all I hear!

And yes, Target is horribly dangerous!!

Our Lucy is not bad about chewing but Henry chews everything!! Silly kitties!