Saturday, March 29

Back That Bus Up

If it weren't for bad luck we'd have no luck at all. That's how I am feeling's like, what else??

My sweet Bailey had a very bad pain in her back while at work. By the time she got home, she was in tears. Thinking it might be a muscle spasm, Advil and bed was the plan. By 4AM, she couldn't move so good and we had to decide which was worse...4 or 5 hours in an Emergency Room or wait until 7AM and take advantage of the walk-in at her regular MD's office. We went with the walk-in...only 3 hours more to wait.

Diagnosis: Very bad kidney infection. Possible kidney stone. CAT scan, ultrasound. Possible hospitalization.

Outcome as of now: Resting at home with meds, plenty of fluid and rest.

She's feeling better and all cruise plans are on hold. is messy ;)


Susie Q said...

Oh no sweetie. I will keep your girl in my prayers and thoughts. I was stopping by to see how the cruise plans were going and saw this. I do hope you can go...but know how worried you would be about Bailey.
Rest, fluids and meds will help. I send hugs and love to you all.
Life IS messy sometimes isn't it?? *sigh*


Sandi McBride said...

Oh Cassie, and here I was thinking you were getting ready to go cruising...I hope Bailey is better soon, but if it is a kidney stone, they say the "blaster" works well and effiently...please keep us posted on how she is faring!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Yikes! The poor thing :-(

Hope the magic meds relieves her pain and they can dissolve that stone!


Janet said...

Oh, that poor girl; it is so hard to watch our loved ones in pain (as you well know!). I send pleasant, positive thoughts to Bailey.


Steph said...

Oh Poor thing! Been there done's no fun...hope she's feeling better soon....

Andi said...

Hope your sweet Bailey is feeling better. A kidney infection is bad enough but if she's got a kidney stone...ouch! That was the worst pain I even endured...and I opted for the ER...bad idea.

Hope the cruise works out.