Monday, March 24

A Bit Of This, A Bit Of That

Easter has come and gone and I hope that everyone was able to enjoy family and friends! We didn't do any big thing but it was all good!

I spent the better part of Friday with my Mom who really seems to be doing well. I got to her house, lunch in hand and started to ask her everything about the way she was feeling. She keeps insisting that she feels fine and I just keep asking her how she feels. It's a vicious circle. But, at one point we were sitting in her TV room/office and she got up and started rummaging around in her closet.

Me: Mom...what are you doing in there? Can I help you?
Mom: Nothing. No, I'm alright.

Me: Mom...what are you doing? Can I help you? Do you feel okay?

At this point, she turns to me and says "What's the matter? Don't I look like I feel okay??"

Okay. I get it. You feel okay. Sheesh.

Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock. This has taken over our lives and our family room. My sweet pea daughter, Bailey, cannot get enough of it. The grandkids love it and the youngest is already up to the expert level.

Here's Bailey, dressed as a Victoria's Secret Pink Unabomber...

Our friends came over for chicken wings and I discovered that Jill is also addicted...

And, as Bailey is letting you know, Jill Rocks!!

I am looking forward to tomorrow. See, my cousin James is in town from Virginia and we are going to spend the day at our favorite place and I get to use my 2008 Annual Pass! The weather is will only be about 70 degrees tomorrow...perfect Disney Day!!

This was also a weekend for quiet thoughts. As impossible as it seems, my Dad passed away 24 years ago. There are times when it seems like just a few days ago but then there are those times when it seems like forever ago. He is still a very big part of our lives and we miss him very much.

Me & My Daddy

Disney report to follow...wishing you all a great week!


Anonymous said...

You rascal - thanks to all of your friends for prayers and well wishes while I was having a "ticker" problelm..Mom

Susie Q said...

Well, I LOVE your Mom. And she is so much like mi ne...sense of humor is fully intact!
I love the pic of you and your Daddy. Those are golden memories. I miss mine too...

I have yet to try Guitar Hero and would love too! Looks like fun!

I think that James and Bailey and you had the perfect day at one of my favorite places! I LOVE Epcot. We did not get there on our last trip as Grace was 8 and so into Princesses...the day was spent at the Magic Kingdom. So, next time it is Epcot!

Loved the pictures...when we lived in Tampa, and held season passes, we would scurry over when the weather was like that. Sooooo nice.
That Flower festival is fantastic. So pretty!

I hope you have a blast on the high seas!!