Tuesday, September 1

Prayers Please

The son of an office co-worker is struggling with a rare form of brain cancer...very aggressive and very difficult to treat. Harley went to the Emergency Room with a severe headache and after some tests and a CT Scan, the Dr. came to his Mom and gave her the news...they could tell by the results that this was a baseball sized brain tumor, a rare cancer and that he would not survive. All of that within just a few hours...pretty shocking!

Without going into all of the detail, Harley was moved to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL and was in surgery within 12 hours of his arrival. 95% of the tumor has been removed and he is starting his chemo and radiation this week.

It just wasn't enough to have to deal with this devastating news...the family does not have health insurance. How to help?? So many hard working families are watching their budget and extra cash is not easy to come by. But, everyone has some extra "stuff" they don't need...so a big Benefit Garage Sale has been organized!

Please take a minute to visit the Hope For Harley website and learn a bit more about Harley and his brave battle. It would so wonderful if you would pass this info on at any opportunity...there can never be too many prayers.

Just a reminder to hug those close to you...life can change in an instant.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart...

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Sandi McBride said...

Prayers for the sweet Harley...and a claim of healing