Monday, September 21

May We Introduce…




stella big



The Daughter & Boyfriend are “co-parenting” this 8 week old bundle of yumminess!  Rescued just this week from a Lab Rescue Center…1/2 Lab…1/2 Golden Retriever.  She has a big yard to play in and had a very busy weekend meeting the rest of her new friends and family.



stella arms



We had a blast taking her on her first real outing at PetCo and she met this other kid while she was there.  He was a bit bigger and she didn’t seem to like him too much….



stella meets



Can you see those little blonde eyelashes??   She’s gonna be dangerously cute and will probably be able to trick unsuspecting people into giving her treats just by looking at them….



stella floor


She is already loved…..


queen-of-nostalgia said...

SO cute! I love her :) And I love how you write about her... ;)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Too cute!!!


Susie Q said...

Okay. You did it. Now I am in love. Please give her a huge squeeze andkiss on the nose for me okay Cassie?