Monday, September 14

The Dancing Doesn’t End


It doesn’t matter what character he was in any other movie, Patrick Swayze will always be Johnny Castle to me.  Just as the news took my breath away when he was diagnosed with cancer, I feel that same sadness tonight.




What an inspiration he has been…continuing to work and fight the good fight.




How lucky all the dancers in heaven will be…he will be a strong defender of those that need it and he will never have to end the summer season with the Pachenga…


baby corner


Keep on dancing, Patrick…you will be missed.

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Susie Q said...

Even though I knew he was so, so ill, his passing took me by surprise. Even though I have seen the movie many times, I still birst into tears when Johnny looks at Baby, on the stage, and she throws her head back then jumps into his is just a purely sweet and wonderful moment...