Thursday, September 3

Feel Better, Hub…

It only took us 7 hours at the dermatologist yesterday...and The Hub looks like this guy.

dog ear

Many years of sun…from Florida beaches to golf courses (and yard work, but that’s not nearly as much fun) have taken it’s toll and the skin cancer is movin’ in!  This isn’t the first time…last year he had another bad spot on the top of his ear and…well, let’s just say that the Dr. shouldn’t think about switching to cosmetic surgery anytime soon.  We spent a month or so calling The Hub, “Evander” even though he didn’t lose that big chunk of ear ear to Mike Tyson’s teeth!  

Stitches out in 2 weeks…feel better Hub!  We love ya even though you’re all bandaged up and lookin’ funny. :)

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