Wednesday, September 30


This showed up in the mail yesterday…




WTF???? What??? NO WAY!!! I was just called for jury duty a couple of months ago!!!

Oh…wait…back that truck up….


This isn’t regular Jury Duty….this is the big guys!!


And…just how long will this take??


Date…on the front…let’s see….




I did some calling and on-line checking about all of this. Seems like they let you know during your first mandatory call if you are needed the next day. If so…just show up. If not, you must follow whatever call schedule they give you and be available to go in any day during that 2 weeks! I’ve never been called for FEDERAL Jury Service….have you??

Well…I am going to put all of this in the back of my brain for now. I do have an entire month to stress myself out about it! But, the good news is that a very dear friend is coming to town for a 3 day visit and I am looking forward to that! She arrives tomorrow and we’ve got girl plans! Antique shopping, tea room, movie and…of course…some Disney!! (Sorry, Janet!)

I’ll do my best to keep you posted, but time and internet access could be a problem. But…I plan to have lots of pictures to share! See you soon….!

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