Wednesday, September 2

Magazine Report

We had the whole catalog discussion a couple of days back…so let’s move on to magazines!  These are two of my faves…I am so amazed at the creativity and talent found on these pages!


Love the Holiday issue…and any issue of Somerset Studio makes me happy. :)


The Hub has to have some minor outpatient surgery today and, from previous experience, we know it will take several hours.  I got these books with a Borders Gift Card yesterday and had to almost beat myself up not to look at them…I need something to keep me entertained while waiting at the Dr.’s office!  But…pictures to post??  What a wonderfully foolish excuse to take a peek!















Oh…I forgot about this one.  I kept seeing it and hearing about on other blogs, so I caved and ordered it.  This one was delivered last week…talk about self-control!!  I didn’t even take it out of the box until today!!







All three of these should keep me busy….notice the look on Jake’s face.  Even he can’t believe I haven’t been through them already… :)


9-1 jake

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