Tuesday, September 29

What A Night!


It was as if I had never even seen this movie!  The anticipation was great but the final viewing even greater.   And, I wasn’t the only one…the theatre was full and since most of this was pre-ticketed, they knew enough to show it in 2 theatres!  Really…for a movie that is 70 years old…amazing.




We started out with a documentary that showed behind the scenes rehearsals, interviews and such.  But, the applause began when the music started and then…there they were…Dorothy & Toto, bigger than life.  Even this black & white sequence was clear and sharp…it is just wild what can be done!


Everything in Munchkinland from Glinda’s pink dress to the Yellow Brick Road was brighter and more defined.  The sparkles from the stars on her dress to the glitter on her crown were beautiful! 




The “oooohss and aaaahss” were heard throughout…and lots of laughs!  The Munchkins, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion…yea, these guys were a riot up there on that big screen!  We did find out that the Munchkin in the Middle (haha) was only 17 years old.




And…scarier than ever were those Flying Monkeys.  In some close-ups you could see the faces…not as “monkey-like” as you might think.  And, without their hat on, did you realize that their hair is combed up in a mohawk??




But, that Witch…what an incredible job Margaret Hamilton did and I think it took this big screen for me to really understand that!




All in all, an exciting night and it was fun to be with like-minded people.  It was fun to share this with The Daughter and another Good Friend and to find out that they both felt like I did…oh…and Judy Garland was so very beautiful….




This presentation came a long way from that opening in 1939…and an even longer way from the story that Frank L Baum shared with us…but the story still touches hearts now as it did then.  What a night!



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Tara said...

This version is supposed to be amazing--and I respect that you think so! Can't wait to catch it myself!