Tuesday, September 8

Just Trying Something…

After our pain in the butt wonderful remodeling experience last year, we have decided to hold off just a bit on doing any other big renovations. Our original plan was to do the downstairs and upstairs bathrooms, but that all changed when the kitchen and downstairs bathroom were completed. Yes, the rest of the downstairs looked pretty dang shabby. So…we re-negotiated everything and ended up renovating everything downstairs and letting the upstairs alone.

Don’t get me wrong…the downstairs is amazing and there is nothing wrong with the upstairs..just a bit outdated. About 25 years outdated…but, not in a cool vintage way. More in a brass trim, shiny disco wallpaper, very Florida way.

To change it up a bit, I decided to go with a “bird/garden/outdoor/natural” theme in the hall bathroom. Somehow, the swirly green and beige wallpaper just seems to lend itself to that..ha! I’m just getting started and I’m not too sure The Hub is getting into the nature part of it all.


Perfect re-cycled branch, broken off of our oak tree in a storm….


Real rescued bird’s nest…and yes, it’s been de-bugged and dried. The eggs are just those little plastic ones from Michael’s (my idea of heaven).


Some type of air plant, found on the ground after a storm. It rains and the wind blows almost every day here in “The Fun ‘n Sun Capital Of The World”. It’s just tucked into a wire basket thing on the front of this bird and vine mirror.


This is the other wall. Matching bird and vine shelf with some “sort of” related stuff on it.


The bee skep is actually soap. Would you would ever use that?? I think it would be a gooey mess on the side of your sink after being used a few times. If you have ever used one and it stayed presentable, please tell me how you did that!

And the little mercury glass vase? Okay…so you don’t find it in a bird/garden/outdoor/natural place, but I just love it. I have mercury glass in my house now and really use it at Holiday time. Forgive me.


This is probably my favorite thing…so far…a vintage looking bird image on glass. Not old, but still a very cool piece.


That’s where I am…the best part is, everything is thrifted, found at a yard sale or bought on final clearance, so it’s been a very inexpensive way to try something different. The wallpaper and fixtures are a challenge, but ya just gotta work with what ya got!

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